KNVB Beker 1990/91

13-10-90 1e ronde Vitesse 2      1-2 BVV Den Bosch [aet]
                    58' Keizer 1-0  74' Van Eck 1-1  92' Nijhuis 1-2.

16-12-90 1/16     Geldrop        1-4 BVV Den Bosch
                    34' De Gier 0-1  56' Van Schijndel 0-2  68' Van de Wiel 0-3
                    78' Van Eck 0-4  83' Looyman 1-4.

23-01-91 1/8      BVV Den Bosch  3-1 Sparta
                    22' Houtman 0-1  25' Nijhuis 1-1  54' Van de Wiel 2-1
                    83' Van de Wiel 3-1.

27-02-91 QF       BVV Den Bosch  0-0 Vitesse       [aet] (Den Bosch 4-3 on pen.)
                    penalties: Van Eck           1-0  Eijer            1-1; 
                               Van Schijndel stopped  Visser       stopped;
                               Meulendijk        2-1  Laamers          2-2;
                               Netten            3-2  Van den Brom     3-3;
                               Brocken           4-3  Bos          on post.

27-03-91 SF       BVV Den Bosch  2-2 Roda JC       [aet] (Den Bosch 4-1 on pen.)
                    52' De Gier 1-0  60' J. Gösgens 2-0  79' Boerebach 2-1
                    82' Verhagen 2-2.
                    penalties: De Gier           1-0  Arnold       stopped; 
                               Meulendijk        2-0  Boerebach    stopped;
                               Van Bergen        3-0  Hofman           3-1;
                               Van Eck           4-1.

02-06-91 Final    Feyenoord      1-0 BVV Den Bosch
                    8' Rob Witschge 1-0.
                    Attendance: 52,000.  Referee: Blankenstein.
                      Feyenoord:  De Goeij, Van Gobbel, Metgod, De Wolf,
                                  Fräser, Scholten, Sabau, Witschge,
                                  Taument, Kiprich (74' Griga), Blinker.
                      Den Bosch:  Van Grinsven, Bults, Meulendijk, Van Eck,
                                  Laponder, Brocken, J.Gösgens (78' Derksen),
                                  Van der Borgt, Nijhuis (46' Netten),
                                  Van Schijndel, De Gier.

The final will always remain a disgraceful chapter in Dutch football
history.  It is played at Feyenoord's home venue, "De Kuip", and some
of their "fans" repeatedly storm the pitch in the second half after
the home team had gone up by an early strike from Rob Witschge.  The
last seven minutes of the second half, in which Den Bosch desperately
pressed for a by then well-deserved equalizer, are never played as
the referee gives up in the face of the hooligans who keep storming
the pitch.  (It was the first prize Feyenoord won (or had come close
to winning) since the double of 1984 seven years before, which may
partially explain the mad state of frenzy of these idiots.)

The Dutch FA decides to let the result stand, obviously much to the
disgust of Den Bosch.  Den Bosch take the KNVB to court and that
rules on June 24 that the second half has to be replayed completely, 
before the UEFA deadline for entering teams in the European Cups 
(July 1).

The KNVB fix the second half replay for June 30 in the Goffert stadium
in Nijmegen.

Then, Feyenoord goes to court, claiming they can't possibly get their
players back, who are on holiday.  On June 26 the same judge, mr. Hofhuis
in Utrecht, rules that the replay should instead be held on July 31 or
later, and that Feyenoord should be registered for the Cup Winners Cup
draw (July 11).  That last part is the only ruling that will ever be 

Meanwhile, the UEFA is disgruntled with the fact that Den Bosch went
to a real court to settle a football matter, and excludes them for
three years from European football.  On appeal, that punishment is
revoked (Den Bosch being, for once, supported by the KNVB), but that's
scant consolation -- the second half is never played to a proper finish.

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