Albania Team Colours

Kategoria Superiore (top level)

Team                    City         Jersey                  short   socks

FK Dinamo               Tiranë       Blue; white edges       white   blue
FK Egnatia              Rrogozhinë   Blue & red hoops        blue    red
KS Kastrioti            Krujë        Red; white edges        red     red
FK Kukësi               Kukës        Blue; white edges       blue    blue
KF LaŤçi                 Laç          White & black hoops     black   white
KF Partizani Tiranë     Tiranë       Red; white edges        red     red
KF Skënderbeu Korçë     Korçë        Red & white stripes     red     white
KF Teuta                Durrës       White; blue edges       blue    blue
KF Tirana               Tiranë       Blue & white stripes    white   white
KF Vllaznia             Shkodër      Red & blue stripes      red     red

Some lower level teams
KF Ada                Velipojë     Blue; white & green edges   green      white
KF Adriatiku          Mamurras     Black & red stripes         black      black 
KS Apolonia           Fier         Green; white edges          black      green
FC Besa Kavajë        Kavajë       Yellow; black edges         black      yellow
KS Besëlidhja Lezhë   Lezhë        Red & gold stripes          red        gold
KF Bilisht Sport      Devoll       Blue; white edges           blue       blue
KF Burreli            Burrel       Yellow; blue edges          yellow     blue
KF Bylis Ballshi      Ballsh       Red & yellow stripes        red        red
KF Elbasani           Elbasan      Blue & yellow hops          blue       yellow
KF Erzeni             Shijak       Blue; white edges           blue       blue
Flamurtari FC         Vlorë        Black & red stripes         white      black 
FC Gramozi            Ersekë       Red; white edges            red        red
KS Korabi             Peshkopi     Red & white hoops           red        white
Luftëtari FC          Gjirokastër  Black & blue stripes        black      blue
FC Lushnja            Lushnjë      Yellow; green edges         green      yellow
KF Pogradeci          Pogradec     Blue; yellow edges          blue       blue
KS Shkumbini          Peqin        Sky blue & white stripes    sky blue   white
KS Tërbuni            Pukë         Red; white edges            red        red
FK Tomori             Berat        White & green stripes       green      white
KF Turbina            Cërrik       Yellow; red sash            yellow     yellow
KSSH Veleçiku         Koplik       Red & white stripes         blue       white
KF Vlora              Vlorë        Black & white stripes       black      black
FK Vora               Vorë         Blue; white edges           white      blue

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