Algeria Team Colours

ASO Chlef (ASOC)                   All white with red trim
CA Bordj Bou Arredj (CABBA)        Yellow with black sleeves/black
CR Belouizdad (CRB)         [3]    White with red V/red
CS Constantine (CSC)               Green/black
ES Setif (ETS)                     White with black trim/black
GC Mascara (GCRM)                  White with green sleeves/white
JS Kabylie (JSK)            [1]    Yellow and green stripes/yellow
MC Alger (MCA)              [2]    All green with red trim
MC Oran (MCO)               [2]    All red with white trim
NA Hussein Dey (NAHD)       [2]    All yellow with red trim
OM Ruisseau (OMR)                  All white with black trim
US Chaouia (USC)            [1]    Yellow with black sleeves/yellow
USM Alger (USMA)            [1]    Red with black trim/black
USM Annaba (USM)                   White with broad red stripe/red
USM Blida (USMB)                   All green with white hoop
WA Tlemcen (WAT)            [2]    Sky-blue/white

Other clubs:

AS Ain-M'lila (ASAM)        [1]    Red/white
CA Batna (CAB)              [2]      not known
MO Constantine (MOC)        [2]    Blue/white
USM Ain-Beida (USMAB)       [1]    White/blue
USM El-Harrach (USMH)       [1]    Yellow/black
WA Mostaganem (WAM)         [2]      not known
WO Boufarik (WOB)           [2]    Green/Orange

[1] club of French origin
[2] club of mixed (French/Arabic) origin
[3] club of Arabic origin; CRB formerly known as CR Belcourt.

Common abbreviations:

AS  = Association Sportive
CA  = Chabab Athletic
CR  = Chabab Riadhy
JS  = Jeunesse Sportive
MC  = Mouloudia Club
MO  = Mouloudia Olympique
NA  = Nasr Athletic
US  = Union Sportive
USM = Union Sportive de la Medina 
WA  = Widad Athletic
WO  = Widad Olympique

Translations of some Arab words:
Widad     : Association
Chabab    : Youth
Mouloudia : From the Mouloud, prophet Mohamed birth celebration
Nasr      : Victory

NB: Kabylie and Chaouia are Berber regions; all other geographical
    entities listed in club names are towns or cities.

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