Aruba Team Colours

Division di Honor (First Level)

Team                        Town             Shirt                       Short   Socks

Britannia                   Paradera         Yellow; red shoulders       blue    yellow
Dakota                      Oranjestad       Black & yellow stripes      black   yellow
Estrella                    Santa Cruz       Orange; white edges         orange  white    
Estudiantes                 Oranjestad       Red & white stripes         black   red   
Indpendiente Caravel        Santa Cruz       Blue & yellow stripes       blue    blue
Jong Aruba                  Noord            Red; white edges            white   red
La Fama                     Savaneta         Green & white stripes       white   green
Nacional                    Noord            Green; white & red edges    red     white
R.C.A. [1]                  Oranjestad       White, blue & red stripes   white   white
River Plate                 Oranjestad       White with red sash         black   white
Sportboys                   Santa Cruz       Blue; white edges           white   blue

[1] means Racing Club de Aruba

Division Uno (Second Level)

Aparicio Stars               Blue; white edges              blue    blue
Arsenal                      Red; white sleeves             red     white
Atlantico                    Red; black edges               black   black
Brazil Juniors               Yellow; green edges            blue    white
Bubali SC                    Green; white edges             white   green
Hubentud Tanki Leendert [2]  White; claret sleeves          white   claret
Real Koyari                  Black; red edges               grey    black
Sporting                     White; black edges             white   white
Trupial                      Yellow; white & blue edges     blue    yellow
Unistars                     Sky blue; black & white edges  white   white

[2] aka Jong Tanki Leendert

Division Dos (Third Level)

Arikok                      Red & green stripes                   black    balck
CD Ayo                      Green, black & narrow white stripes   black   green
Dos Caminos                 Blue; white edges                     blue    blue
Independiente Hooiberg      Yellow; blue edges                    blue    yellow
CD Rooi Afo [3]             Black & yellow stripes                white   black
San Luis Dep.               Yellow & white stripes                yellow    yellow
San Nicolaas Juniors [4]    Black & white stripes                 white   black
Undesa                      White; red sleeves    white    red           (tambien arlequinado rojo y blan)
Universal                   Red; yellow edges                     red    red

[3] aka C.D.R.A
[4] aka Jong San Nicolaas

Some lower level clubs

Barcelona                  Blue & red stripes     blue     blue
Caiquetio                  Green; white sleeves   yellow   green
Maritimo                   Red; green edges       red      green
Phoenix                    Yellow; blue edges     yellow   yellow
Santa Fe                   Orange; black edges    black    orange
Savaneta Stars             Sky blue; blue edges   blue     black
Solito Inter               Blue; red edges        white    white
The Rose                   White; red edges       red      white

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