Bermudan Team Colours

North Village Community Club (Rams)                     red/white
Devonshire Recreation Club (Cougars)                    green/gold
Somerset Cricket Club (Trojans)                         red/navy
Devonshire Colts Soccer Club (Colts)                    orange/blue
Western Stars Sports Club (Dandy Town Hornets)          brown/gold
Wolves Sports Club                                      black/gold
St. George's Cricket Club (Colts)                       navy/light blue
Pembroke Hamilton Club (Zebras)                         black/white
Boulevard Community Club (Blazers)                      red/green and gold
Southampton Rangers Sports Club                         blue/white
Ireland Rangers Football Club                           black, gold and blue
Prospect United                                         blue/white
Hamilton Parish Workmen's Club (Hot Peppers)            maroon/white
Young Men's Social Club (Blue Birds)                    blue/white
St. David's Cricket Club (Islanders)                    blue/gold
Somerset Bridge Recreation Club (Eagles)                blue/gold
Paget Community Club (Lions)                            green/black/gold
Bermuda Athletic Association (Wanderers)                green/white
Vasco Da Gama Soccer Club (Mariners)                    blue/white
Cable & Wireless Football Club (Exiles)                 red/black/white
Tuff Dogs Soccer Club  [C.L.]                           black/white
North Village Community Club (Rams) [C.L.]              red/white/green
Pembroke Hamilton Club (Raiders) [C.L.]                 black/white 
Devonshire Colts Soccer Club (All Stars) [C.L.]         orange/blue/white
Bermuda Pest Control  [C.L.]                            red/white and blue
St. George's All-Stars Sports Club [C.L.]               blue/light blue
Prison Officers Recreation Club [C.L.]                  maroon/white
Somerset Extros Football Club [C.L.]                    red/black
Prospect Fire Soccer Club [C.L.]                        red/white
Valley Football Club [C.L.]                             green/black and white
Wolves Sports Club (Pack)  [C.L.]                       black/gold
Devonshire Recreation Club (Lions)  [C.L.]              green/gold
Lobster Pot Football Club [C.L.]                        white/white 
M.R. Onions Football Club [C.L.]                        yellow/blue

NB: [C.L.] abbreviates Commercial League Club

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