Bolivia Team Colours

Primera División (Top Level)
Team                      City                      Jersey                    Short     Socks

Blooming                  Santa Cruz de la Sierra   sky-blue; white edges     blue      white
Bolívar                   La Paz                    sky-blue; white edges     sky-blue  sky-blue
Ciclón                    Tarija                    green & white stripes     green     white
Jorge Wilstermann         Cochabamba                red; blue edges           blue      white 
Nacional                  Potosí                    white; red sash           black     white
Oriente Petrolero         Santa Cruz de la Sierra   green & white stripes     green     green   
Petrolero del Gran Chaco  Yacuiba                   green; white edges        white     white
Real Potosí [1]           Potosí                    white; violet edges       white     white
San José                  Oruro                     white; blue "V"           blue      blue          
Sport Boys Warnes         Warnes                    blue; white edges         blue      blue  
The Strongest             La Paz                    black & yellow stripes    black     yellow
Universitario             Sucre                     red; blue hoop            red       blue

[1] Former Real Bamín

Some important teams in lower level leagues

31 de Octubre               La Paz                    white; green stripes               green    white
Always Ready                La Paz                    white; red sash                    black    white
Atlético Pompeya            Trinidad                  red; white sash                    black    white
Aurora                      Cochabamba                sky-blue; white edges              white    sky-blue
Bolívar Nimbles             Oruro                     red & white stripes                red      red
Chaco Petrolero             La Paz                    green & white striped              green    green
Dep. Zuraca                 La Paz                    violet; white edges                white    white
Destroyers                  Santa Cruz de la Sierra   yellow; black edges                black    yellow 
Don Bosco                   La Paz                    blue & white stripes               blue     blue
Fancesa [2]                 Cochabamba                red & black stripes                white    white
Guabirá                     Montero                   red; white sleeves                 red      red
Independiente Petrolero     Sucre                     red & white stripes                red      white
Ingenieros                  Oruro                     white; blue edges                  white    white
La Paz F.C.                 La Paz                    red & blue stripes                 white    blue 
Litoral                     La Paz                    red, green & narrow white stripes  white    green
Mariscal Braun              Potosí                    black & white stripes              black    white
Municipal                   La Paz                    claret; white edges                white    white
Orcobol                     Cochabamba                blue; yellow hoop                  blue     yellow 
Oruro Royal                 Oruro                     black & white stripes              black    white
Real Santa Cruz             Santa Cruz de la Sierra   white; red edges                   white    white
Stormers                    Sucre                     blue; white hoop                   white    blue
Unión Central               Tarija                    green; white edges                 white    green
Universidad Iberoamericana  La Paz                    blue; white edges                  blue     white
Universitario               Potosí                    red; blue edges                    blue     red

[2] FaNCeSA means "Fabrica Nacional de Cementos S.A."

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