Cape Verde Islands Team Colours

Batuque FC                     - black(white sleeves)/white/white
Boavista FC                    - black&white chess/black/black
CS Marítimo                    - red&green broad stripes/white/white
SC Morabeza                    - sky blue/black/white 
Botafogo FC                    - black&white stripes/black/black
Solpontense FC                 - yellow&black stripes/black/black 
Académico do Aeroporto         - all black
Sporting Clube Praia           - green&white hoops/black/white
GDR do Scorpion Vermelho       - all red(white hoop)
Sporting Club Boa Vista        - green&white hoops/black/white
GD Ribeira Brava               - green/black/white 
Barreirense                    - all red
Sport Club Sal-Rei             - all red
Sanjoanense                    - all blue
Académica Boa Vista            - all black
Sal Rei                        - all red
Benfica NS do Monte            - red/white/red
Nô Pintcha                     - all blue
Dinamo da Brava                - all red
Academica Sintra        - all black
Ass. Académica do Fogo         - all black
AD Spartak de Aguadinha        - black&red stripes/black/black
Vulcânico FC                   - all blue
Valência                       - all white(red sash)
Cutelinho FC                   - all blue
Académica da Calheta           - all black
Beira-Mar                      - white(blue sleeves)/blue/blue
Onze Unidos                    - all blue
SC Santa Maria                 - all red
Associação Académica do Sal    - all black
Grupo Desportivo da Palmeira   - green&white hoops/black/white
FC Juventude do Sal            - all blue
Estrela dos Amadores           - yellow/green/white
Barcelona de Tarrafal          - blue&marron broad stripes/blue/blue
Varandinha                     - black/red/red
Desportivo São Lourenço        - white(blue edges)/blue/blue
Benfica de Santa Cruz          - red/white/red
GD Varanda                     - black/red/red
AD do Bairro Craveiro Lopes    - all yellow(green edges)
Black Panthers                 - all yellow(black edges)
CD Os Travadores               - red/white/red
Vitória FC                     - green&white stripes/green/white
CF Sanjoanense                 - blue/white/blue
Fiorentina                     - all violet
FC Derby                       - blue&white stripes/blue/blue
Associação Académica Mindelo   - all black
CS Mindelense                  - red/white/red
Salamansa                      - all blue

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