El Salvador Team Colours

Liga Mayor Profesional (First Level)

Team                      City                  Jersey                            Short   Socks

Águila                    San Miguel            Orange; black vives               orange  black 
Alianza FC                San Salvador          White; blue vives                 white   white
Atlético Balboa           La Unión              Red; black sleeves                black   black
Chalatenango              Chalatenango          Violet & white stripes            white   white
F.A.S. [1]                Santa Ana             Red & blue halves                 blue    white
Isidro Metapán            Metapán               Grey & white hoops, black sleeves black   white
Juventud Independiente    San Juan Opico        Red; white shoulders              red     red
Luis Ángel Firpo          Usulután              Red with white & blue vives       red     red
Nejapa FC                 Nejapa                White & red stripes; black edges  white   red
Vista Hermosa             San Francisco Gotera  Sky blue; black edges             black   black 

[1] F.A.S. means Futbolistas Asociados Santanecos

Segunda División (Second Level) Group A

Alba-Acajutla            Sonsonate         Red; white                        white    red
Arcense                  Arce              Violet; white vives               violet   white
Atl. Marte               Quezaltepeque     Blue; white esges                 blue     blue
Fuerte Aguilares         Aguilares         Black; red sash                   red      black
Malacoff [2]             Izalco            Green; white & blue edges         white    green
A.D. Municipal           Juayúa            Red; white edges                  red      red
Once Municipal           Ahuachapán        Blue & yellow stripes             yellow   yellow
Once Lobos               Chalchuapa        Blue; yellow hoop                 blue     yellow
Santa Tecla F.C. [3]     Santa Tecla       Green; white edges, blue sleeves  blue     white
Titán                    Texistepeque      Blue & red stripes                blue     red
Vendaval                 Apopa             Blue & red stripes                blue     blue

[2] Curazao (Jayaque) moved to Izalco and back to his historical name: Malacoff
[3] Santa Tecla F.C. replaced Telecom F.C. because of economic failure in 2007

Segunda División (Second Level) Group B

A.D.I. [4]                 Intipucá             Red; yellow edges               red     red
A.F.I.                     Ilobasco             Red; blue sleeves, white edges  blue    red
Águila San Isidro          Hacienda San Isidro  Orange & black stripes          black   black
Aspirante                  Jucuapa              Yellow; blue shoulders          blue    blue
Fuerte San Francisco       San Francisco Gotera Blue; red edges                 blue    blue
Liberal                    Quelepa              White; red edges                red     red
Marte Soyapango            Soyapango            White; black & red edges        white   white
Municipal Limeño           Santa Rosa de Lima   Yellow; blue sleeves            blue    yellow
Tehuacan                   Tecoluca             Orange; black edges             black   orange
Platense                   Zacatecoluca         Yellow & black stripes          black   black
Topiltzín                  Jiquilisco           Sky blue & white stripes        blue    white
Univ. de El Salvador [5]   San Salvador         All red with white "UES"        red     red

[4] means Atletico Deportivo de Intipucá
[5] aka UES

Some teams of lower level

Águilas del Norte          Santa Rita                 Orange; white edges               blue    black
Atiquizaya                 Atiquizaya                 All red                           red     red
Atlético Chaparrastique    Moncagua                   Yellow; blue edges                blue    blue
Destroyer                  Puerto La Libertad         White; blue edges                 blue    white
Dragón                     San Miguel                 Green & white hoos                green   green
El Roble                   Ilobasco                   Red with blue hoop                blue    red
El Vencedor                Santa Elena                Red & black stripes               black   black
España ADESSE              San Sebastián              Green with red edges              white   red
Espartano                  San Julián                 All white                         white   white
Estrellas del Sur          Chirilagua                 Blue with yellow edges            blue    blue
Huracán                    Atiquizaya                 Red; white edges                  white   red
Inca Super Flat            Cantón Entre Ríos          Yellow; white edges               blue    blue
Independiente Nacional [6] San Vicente                Black & yellow halves; red edges  black   black
Jocoro                     Tiera de Fuego             Yellow with blue & red edges      blue    blue
Juventud Candelareña [7]   Candelaria de la Frontera  White with red edges              red     red
Juventud Olímpica Metalío  Sonsonate                  Red with white edges              red     red
Mar y Plata                Puerto El Triunfo          Red & white stripes               red     white    
Nueva Concepción           Nueva Concepción           Yellow with green & blue edges    blue    green
Real San Esteban           San Esteban Catarina       Yellow; blue edges                yellow  blue
Real San Martín [8]        San Martín                 White; blue & red edges           blue    white
San Luis                   San Luis Talpa             Red; white edges                  green   white
San Salvador [9]           San Salvador               White & black stripes             white   white
Santa Clara                Pasaquina                  Yellow with green & white edges   green   green
U.D.E.T.                   El Tránsito                Red; white edges                  red     red
Univ. Gerardo Barrios      San Rafael Oriente         Blue with white edges             white   blue

[6] fussion of Independiente and Nacional 1906 (former Coca Cola)
[7] former Juventud Alegre
[8] former Municipal San Martín
[9] former AD El Tránsito (ADET)

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