Ethiopia Team Colours

Ethiopia Premier League (top level)

Team                        City          Jersey                        short     socks

Adama City [1]              Adama         Green with yellow V           yellow    black
Dedebit FC                  Addis Abeba   Blue; white edges             white     blue
Defence Force [2]           Addis Abeba   Green & red diagonal halves   green     green
Dire Dawa City [3]          Dire Dawa     Orange; white edges           orange    orange
EEPCO [4]                   Addis Abeba   Red & white stripes           red       red
Ethiopian Banks SC [5]      Addis Abeba   White black hoops             black     white
Ethiopian Coffee [6]        Addis Abeba   Yellow; black edges           red       black
Fincha Sugar [7]            Oromia        White; red edges              yellow    white
Harar Brewery FC [8]        Harar         White; red edges              white     white  
Hawassa City [9]            Hawassa       Yellow; black edges           black     white
Lideta Nyala [10]           Addis Abeba   Red; white edges              red       red
Mugher Cement [11]          Ambo          Yellow; blue edges            blue      yellow
Saint George SA [12]        Addis Abeba   Yellow with red V             red       yellow   
Sebeta City [13]            Sebeta        Green; white edges            blue      yellow
Sidama Coffee [14]          Awassa        Red; white edges              red       red
Trans Ethiopia [15]         Adigrat       Blue & yellow stripes         yellow    red

[1] aka Adama Kenema
[2] aka Mekelakeya
[3] aka Dire Dawa Kenema
[4] aka Mebrat Hail
[5] aka Bankoch
[6] aka Ethiopian Bunna
[7] aka Fincha Sekwar
[8] aka Harar Beer Bottling or Harar Birra
[9] aka Awassa City or Awassa Kenema
[10] aka Yelideta Nyala
[11] aka Mugher Cemento
[12] aka Kedus Giorgis
[13] aka Sebeta Kenema
[14] aka Sidama Bunna
[15] aka Tans Ethiopia

Some lower level teams

Insurance [14]              Addis Abeba   White; blue shoulders         blue      white
Metehara Sugar [15]         Metehara      Green; yellow edges           sky blue  yellow    
Southern Police [16]        Awassa        Yellow; black sleeves         black     yellow

[14] aka Medhin
[15] aka Metehara Sekwar
[16] aka Debub Police

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