Faroe Islands Team Colours

Formulaideildin (First level)

Team               City            Shirt                          Short   Socks

B-36               Boltfelagid     White; black edges             black   white
B-68               Toftir          Red & black stripes            black   black
B-71               Sandur          Yellow; blue edges             blue    yellow
EB/Streymur        Eipi            Blue & Black stripes           black   black
NSI                Runavík         Yellow & black stripes         black   black
HB 1904	           Tórshavn        Black & red stripes            black   black
2008 Víkingur [1]  Gřta            Sky blue; white & black edges  black   white
IF                 Fuglafjřrđur    Red; white edges               red     white
KI                 Klaksvík        Blue; white edges              white   blue
Skála 1965         Skáli           Orange; white edges            white   orange

[1] GI and LIF (of Leirvík) merged into Víkingur.

Some lower division teams

AB          Argir           Claret; white edges         white   claret
FRAM        Tórshavn        Blue; white edges           white   white
IS          Sumba           Orange; black edges         black   black
MB 1905     Midvagur        Blue & white stripes        blue    white
SI          Sřrvágur        Blue; white edges           blue    blue
SIF         Sandavágur      White; yellow & blue edges  blue    white
TB          Tvřroyri        White & black stripes       black   black
VB          Vágur           Red & blue stripes          blue    blue
Vágar       Sandavágur      White; blue edges           blue    white

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