Finland - Team Colours

This document contains those clubs which have played in the Finnish Premier Division or in the nation-wide second level (Division One) and which still exist at least in the fifth level.

AC Kajaani                black / white / red
AC Oulu                   blue / white / white
Allianssi Vantaa          orange / blue / blue
Atlantis Helsinki         red / blue / red
EIF Tammisaari            green / white / white
FC Espoo                  blue / blue / white
FC Lahti                  all black
GBK Kokkola               red and white stripes / white / red
Gnistan Helsinki          yellow / blue / blue
GrIFK Kauniainen          green / white / green
Haka Valkeakoski          white / black / white
HIFK Helsinki             red / white / black
HIK Hanko                 yellow / blue / yellow
HJK Helsinki              blue and white stripes / blue / blue
Honka Espoo               all black
HPS Helsinki              green / green / white
Huima Äänekoski           all yellow
IFK Mariehamn             white / green / white
Ilves Tampere             yellow / green / yellow
Inter Turku               black and blue stripes / black / black
Jaro Pietarsaari          all red
Jazz Pori                 all red
JIPPO Joensuu             red / white / black
JJK Jyväskylä             blue and red stripes / blue / blue
KajHa Kajaani             yellow / black / yellow
Kiffen Helsinki           all black
Kiisto Vaasa              yellow / black / yellow
Kiri Kotka                blue / white / white
Klubi-04 Helsinki         blue and white stripes / blue / white
KontU Helsinki            all blue
Korsholm Mustasaari       yellow / red / yellow
KPS Kokkola               black and white stripes / black / white
KPV Kokkola               all green 
Kraft Närpiö              yellow / blue / yellow
KTP Kotka                 green and white stripes / black / green
Kultsu Joutseno           black and red stripes / black / black
KuPS Kuopio               yellow / black / yellow
KäPa Helsinki             all black
MP Mikkeli                blue / white / blue
MuSa Pori                 white / black / black
OLS Oulu                  all yellow
OPS Oulu                  all blue
OTP Oulu                  red / white / red
P-Iirot Rauma             yellow / blue / yellow
PIF Parainen              red / white / red
PK-35 Vantaa              black and red stripes / black / black
PK-37 Iisalmi             white / blue / blue
Ponnistus Helsinki        black and white stripes / black / red
PP-70 Tampere             red / black / black
PS Kemi                   red / blue / white
RiPS Riihimäki            blue and white stripes / blue / white
RoPS Rovaniemi            blue / white / blue
SalPa Salo                blue and white stripes / blue / white
SJK Seinäjoki             black / black / white
Sudet Kouvola             red / black / red
TKT Tampere               blue and grey stripes / blue / blue
TP-47 Tornio              all red   
TPK Turku                 blue / blue / white
TPS Turku                 black and white stripes / white / white
TPV Tampere               red / white / green
TuTo Turku                red and white stripes / blue / white
TuWe Turku                white / red / white
VaKP Valkeakoski          green / white / green
VG-62 Naantali            yellow / black / black
VIFK Vaasa                blue / white / blue
Viikingit Helsinki        all red
VPS Vaasa                 black and white stripes / black / black
ÅIFK Turku                yellow / black / yellow

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