Ajaccio: Blue and red stripes/red/blue
Ales: White/blue/blue
Amiens: Blue/blue/red
Ancenis: Tangerine/black/tangerine
Angers: White with black and red V/black/black
Angouleme: All blue
Annecy: Red/white/red
Auxerre: All white, blue trim
Avignon: Blue/white/blue
Bastia: Blue and white stripes/white/blue
Beauvais: All red, white trim
Besancon: White/blue/blue
Bezieres: Blue/red/red
Blois: All red
Bordeaux: All white, claret V
Bourges: White/white/blue
Brest-Armorique: White, red sleeves, black trim/white/white
Caen: Blue and red stripes/blue/blue
Cannes: All yellow, blue trim
Charleville: All blue
Chateauroux: All blue, red and white trim
Corbeil: Green/white/green
Dunkerque: All white, blue trim
Epinal: All yellow, blue trim, red logo
Grenoble: Red and blue/blue/blue
Guegnon: Yellow/blue/blue
Guingamp: Red and black stripes/black/red
Istres: Violet/black/violet
La Roche-sur-Yon: Red/blue/blue
Laval: Orange, black shoulders/orange/orange
Le Havre: Royal-blue and sky-blue halves/royal-blue
Le Mans: All yellow, red and white trim
Lens: Yellow/red/yellow
Libourne: White, 2 blue bands/blue/white
Lille: All white, red trim
Limoges: White/red/white
Louhans-Cuiseaux: Yellow/red/red
Lyon: White, red and blue sleeves/white/white
Marseille: All white, 3 blue diagonal stripes at right shoulder
Martigues: Yellow, red trim/red/yellow
Matra Racing Paris: Sky-blue and white hoops/white/white
Metz: Claret/claret/white
Monaco: Red and white diagonal halves, white sleeves/red/red
Montlucon: Yellow, black sleeves/black/yellow
Montmarillion: White/black/white
Montpellier: Blue, white and orange trim/orange/blue
Mulhousen: White/blue/blue
Nancy: White, green and red hoop/white/white
Nantes: Green and yellow stripes/yellow/yellow
Nice: Blue and red stripes/black/black
Nimes: Red/white/red
Niort: All white, blue trim
Nouex: Amber/blue/amber
Orleans: Yellow/yellow/red
Paris St Germain: Red with blue sleeves and narrow blue
Perpignan: All yellow, red trim
Quimper: All blue
Red Star 93: Green/white/white
Reims: Red, white sleeves/white/red
Rennes: Red/white/red
Rodez: All red, yellow trim
Rouen: All red, white facings
Saint Brieuc: All yellow
Saint Die: White, red sleeves and shoulders/white/white
Saint Ettiene: Green/white/green
Saint Quentin: All white, red trim
Saint Seurin: All white, black and green trim
Sedan: All white, green and red trim
Sochaux: Yellow/blue/blue
Strasbourg: Blue/white/blue
Tavaux: Blue, red shoulders/white/white
Thionville: Yellow/blue/yellow
Toulon: Yellow, azure trim/yellow/yellow
Toulouse: All white, violet trim
Tours: Light-blue, black shoulders/black/light-blue
Troyes: Blue/white/white
Valence: All blue
Valenciennes: Red/white/red

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