Gabon Team Colours

Championnat National de D1 (first level)

Team                        City          Jersey                            Short    Socks

US de Bitam             Bitam            Red & black halves                black    red
Cercle Mbéri Sportif    Libreville       Sky blue; white edges             white    white
Football Canon 105      Libreville       Red & black horizontal stripes    red      red
AS Mangasport           Moanda           Green & yellow stripes            green    green
US Mbila-Nzambi [1]     Libreville       Blue; white edges, USM on front   white    blue 
Missile FC              Libreville       Blue; white sleeves               white    blue
CF Mounana [2]          Mounana          Yellow; black edges               yellow   yellow
US d'Oyem               Oyem             White; red edges                  white    white
AS Pélican              Lambaréné        White; black & yellow edges       green    black
Racing Club de Masuku   Franceville [3]  White; black & yellow edges       white    white
FC Sapins               Libreville       Yellow; blue edges                blue     yellow
AS Solidarité FC        Libreville       Pink; black edges                 black    pink
AS Stade Manji          Port-Gentil      Grey; black edges                 white    white
Sogéa FC                Libreville       Blue; white & red edges           blue     blue

[1] aka USM Libreville
[2] full name: Centre de Formation de football de Mounana
[3] Franceville city is also called Masuku

Some lower level teams

En Avant Estuaire FC [4]  Libreville     Blue; white sleeves      blue    blue
JSL [5]                   Libreville     Green; white edges       white   white
Munadji 76                Tchibanga      Yellow; blue shoulders   blue    yellow
CS Stade Akebe            Libreville     Yellow; black shoulders  black   yellow
Tout-Puissant Akwembe     Libreville     Black & yellow stripes   white   white
Variété AC de Mouila      Mouila         Green; white edges       green   green
Wongosports               Lastoursville  Yellow; red edges        red     red

[4] Téléstars (team of Gabon Télécom) were renamed En Avant Estuaire FC
[5] full name: Jeunesse Sportive de Libreville

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