Greenland Team Colours

Angutit inersimasut GM (top level)

Team          Town               Jersey

Nordgrønland (North Greenland)

Amaroq        Saattut            Yellow; black edges
Eqaluk 56     Ikerasak           Blue; white edges
FC Malamuk    Uumannaq           Black, white edges
K'ingmek'-45  Upernavik          Red; white edges
UB-68         Uummannaq          Blue; white edges

Diskobugten (Disko Bay)

A-51          Akunnaaq           
G-44          Qeqertarsuaq       Red & white stripes
KB-84         Kangaatsiqa        Blue; white edges
Kugsak 45     Qasigiannguit      Yellow & black stripes
N-48 [1]      Ilulissat          Green; white edges

Midtgrønland (Central Greenland)

B-67          Nuuk               Bleu; white edges
Kâgssagssuk   Maniitsoq          Red; white edges
KT-85         Kangaamiut         Yellow; black edges
NÛK [2]       Nuuk               Red; white edges
S-68          Sisimiut           Green; white edges
SAK           Sisimiut           White; red edges

Sydgrønland (South Greenland)

Eqaluk 54      Tasiusaq         White; red edges
K-1933 [3]     Qaqortoq         All white
N-85           Narsaq           Blue & yellow halves
Nagtoralik     Paamiut          Green; white edges
Siuteroq-43    Nanortalik       Yellow; blue edges

[1] N-48 aka Nagdlúnguak
[2] Nuuk Idraetslag; also known as IL Nuuk
[3] K-1933 aka Kissaviarsuk 1933

Some others teams:

ATA       Tasiilaq         Yellow & black
GSS [4]   Nuuk             Yellow & green
NBK-88    Niaqornaarsuk    Yellow & black  
UB-83     Upernavik        Blue; white edges

[4] GSS = Grønlands Seminarius Sportklub

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