Guatemala Team Colours

Liga Nacional (First Level)

Team                     City                Shirt                               Short     Socks

Comunicaciones          Guatemala           All white                           white     white
Heredia                 Bananera            Black & white stripes, red edges    black     black
Jalapa                  Jalapa              Yellow with green & red edges       green     yellow
Marquense               San Marcos          Yellow with green edges             yellow    yellow
Mictlán                 Asución Mita        White with sky blue edges           sky blue  white 
Municipal               Guatemala           Red with blue edges                 blue      red
Petapa                  San Miguel Petapa   Yellow with green edges             green     yellow
Suchitepéquez           Mazatenango         Blue & white diagonal halves        white     blue
Xelajú Mario Camposeco  Xelajú              Red & blue halves                   blue      red
Zacapa                  Zacapa              Red & yellow stripes                black     white 

Primera División Grupo A (Second level)

Antigua G.F.C.       Antigua Guatemala         Green & white stripes     white   white
Chimaltenango        Chimaltenango             White; blue & red edges   white   white
Coatepeque           Coatepeque                Red; white edges          white   red
Juventud Retalteca   Retalhuleu                Blue & white stripes      blue    blue
Malacateco           Malacatán                 Red; white edges          red     red
Mixco                Santa Catarina Pinula     Red; white & black edges  black   black
Nueva Concepción     Nueva Concepción          Yellow; green edges       black   yellow
San Pedro            San Pedro ¿¿Sacatepéquez  Red
Tiquisate            Tiquisate                 Blue & white stripes      white   white
Xinabajul            Huehuetenango             Green & yellow stripes    yellow  yellow

Primera División Grupo B (Second level)

Achuapa                    Progreso        Orange; white edges       white   white
Aurora FC                  Guatemala       Yellow & black stripes    black   black
Cobán Imperial             Cobán           Blue; white shoulders     blue    blue
Guastatoya                 Guastatoya      Red; white sleeves        white   white
Municipal Jutiapa          Jutiapa         Red                       blue    red 
Onassis Reforma            Chiquimula      Blue                      red     blue     
Sacachispas                Chiquimula      Red; white edges          red     red
San Benito                 San Benito      Yellow & red stripes      red     yellow
Saranate                   Saranate        Sky blue; white edges     white   sky blue
Universidad de San Carlos  Guatemala       Blue; white edges         white   blue

Some lower levels teams

Amatitlán                    Amatitlán                 White; red sash                     black     black
Carchá                       San Pedro Carchá          Grey; red & black edges             black   grey
Cotzumalguapa [1]            Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa Green; white edges                  green   green
Escuintla                    Escuintla                 Green & white stripes               green   green
Gualan                       Gualan                    White, red edges                    black   red & white
Izabal Juventud Católica [2] Puerto Barrios            Sky blue; white edges               white    white
Puerto de San José           Puerto de San José        White; violet edges                 violet   white
Real Motagua                 Izabal                    Orange; blue edges                  orange  blue
Rosario FC                   Quetzaltenango            White; blue hoop                    blue    white
Teculután                    Teculután                 Blue, black & narrow white stripes  white   black 
Tigografía Nacional          Guatemala                 Red & white stripes                 blue     red

[1] former Azucareros
[2] ex Tally Juca. Also knowed as Dep. Izabal

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