Guinea Team Colours

Championnat National de Ligue 1 Nimba Mining (first level)

Team                 City         Shirt                      short      socks

ASFAG [1]            Conakry      Blue; white edges          blue       blue
Ashanti Golden Boys  Siguiri      Black & yellow stripes     black      black
Atlético de Coléah   Conakry      Yellow; black edges        black      black
Flamme Olympique     Conakry      Sky-blue & white stripes   sky-blue   sky-blue
Fello Star           Labé         Black; white edges         black      blue
Gangan FC            Kindia       Yellow; green edges        yellow     green
Hafia FC             Conakry      Green; white edges         white      green
Horoya AC            Conakry      Red; white edges           red        red    
AS Kaloum Star       Conakry      Yellow; green edges        green      yellow
CI Kamsar [2]        Kamsar       Yellow & green stripes     yellow     yellow
Satellite FC         Conakry      Yellow; blue edges         blue       blue
Soumba FC            Dubréka      Green & white hoops        green      green

[1] ASFAG = Associations Sportives des Forces Armées de Guinée
[2] former Olympique Kakandé

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