Guyana Team Colours

Guyana Football Federation Super League (First level)

Team                  City             Shirt                             short   socks

Alpha United          Georgetown       Red; black & white edges          black   black
Bakewell Topp XX      Linden           Green; white edges                white   white
Buxton United         East Demerara    Red; white edges                  black   red
Camptown              Georgetown       Orange; black sleeves             black   orange
Guyana Defence Force  Georgetown       Green; red sleeves, white edges   red     red
Liquid Gold           Bartica          White; red   edges                black   orange
Milerock              Linden           Orange; white edges               orange  white
Rosignol United       Berbice          Yellow; red edges                 red     red
Seawall               West Demerara    Blue; white edges                 blue    blue
Victoria Kings        East Demerara    Green; yellow sleeves             yellow  white

Some lower level teams

-Upper Dem Teams-

Amelias Ward United  Linden       White; black edges    black   white
Eagles United        Linden       Red & white stripes   white   red
Net Rockers FC       Linden       Blue; white edges     blue    blue
Silver Shattas       Linden       Red & black stripes   black   red

-George Town Teams-

Beacon            Bartica          Yellow; green edges        green     grenn
Buxton            Georgetown       Orange                     black     black
Fruta Conquerors  Georgetown       Orange & blue stripes      blue      orange
Pelé              Georgetown       Yellow; blue edges         blue      yellow
Santos            Georgetown       White; black edges         white     white
Western Tigers    Georgetown       Dark blue; yellow sleeves  blue      blue

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