Hongkong Team Colours

Happy Valley                     - Green/Green/Green        or  All White
Instant Dict (now Double Flower) - Purple/Purple/Purple     or  All White
South China                      - Red/White/Red            or  Blue/ White/Red
Sun Hei                          - Blue/White/Blue          or  White/Blue/White
Yee Hope                         - Orange/Black/Black       or  White/Black/Black
Rangers                          - Red/Black/White          or  Yellow/Green/Yellow
Kitchee                          - Blue/White/Blue          or  White/Blue/White
Golden (now Po Chai Pills)       - All Pink                 or  All Blue
Tung Po                          - Yellow/Blue/Yellow       or  White/Blue/White
Hong Kong Club                   - Blue/White/Blue          or  White/Blue/White
Fire Services                    - All Red                  or  White/Red/Red
Fukien AC                        - Green/Black/White        or  Purple/Black/White
Citizens AA                      - Green/Black/White        or  Yellow/Black/White
Mutual Development               - White/Red/White          or  Red/White/Red
Eastern AA                       - All Green                or  All Navy
Sai Kung                         - Yellow/White/White       or  Blue/White/White
Five-One-Seven                   - Blue/White/Blue          or  All Red
Fu Moon Lung Ang                 - Red/Black/Red            or  Blue/Black/Red
Solon                            - Red/White/Red            or  White/White/Red
Golden Sea AA                    - Blue/White/Blue          or  All White
Lung Moon                        - Black-White/Black-White  or  Red-White/Red-White
Blake Garden                     - Red/Red/White            or  White/Red/White
Tung Sing                        - Red/White/Red            or  All White
Hi Lee                           - White/Blue/White         or  Red/White/Red
Telecom                          - All Blue                 or  White/Blue/Blue
Ornaments                        - Blue-White/Blue-White    or  Red-White/Blue/Blue
PA Teacher´s                     - Black/White/Red          or  White/White/Red
Kwok Keung                       - Blue-White/White/White   or  Red/White/White
Letsoon                          - White/Blue/White         or  Yellow/Blue/White
Kwong Wah                        - All Blue                 or  All White
Kowloon Fruit                    - Green/White/White        or  All White
ST.Joseph´s                      - Green/White/Green        or  White/White/Green
Greatfield                       - Green-White/Green/White  or  White/Green/Green
Tseng Lan Shu                    - Blue/White/White         or  Red/White/White
City Athletics                   - Orange/Black/Black       or  Red/Red/Black
Shek Kip Mei                     - White/Blue/White         or  Yellow/Blue/White
Kui Tan (extinct)                - All Green                or  All White
Onclever (extinct)               - White/Red/White          or  Green/White/White
Team Fuji Latex (extinct)        - Red/Red/Black            or  White/Red/Black


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