Indonesia Team Colours

Liga Super 2008 (First level)

Team               City             Jersey                       Short      Socks

Arema              Malang           Blue, white shoulders        white      blue
Delta Putra [1]    Sidoarjo         Red & white stripes          red        red
PSIS               Semarang         Blue; white edges            blue       blue
PSM                Makassar         Red; white edges             red        red
PSMS               Medan            Green & white stripes        green      green
Pupuk Kaltim [PKT] Bontang          Green; white edges           green      green
Pelita Jaya        Purwakarta       Blue; white edges            blue       blue
Persela            Lamongan         Sky blue; white edges        skay blue  sky blue
Persib Maung       Bandung          Blue; white edges            blue       blue
Persiba            Balikpapan       Blue; white edges            blue       blue
Persija            Jakarta          Oranje & black stripes       black      white
Persijap           Jepara           Red; blue edges              red        red
Persik             Kediri           Violet, white & green edges  white      white
Persipura          Jayapura         Red & black stripes          black      red
Persita            Tangerang        Violet; white edges          violet     white
Persitara          Jakarta Utara    White; blue edges            white      white
Persiwa            Wamena           Black & green stripes        green      green
Sriwijaya FC       Palembang        Yellow; brown edges          yellow     yellow

[1] former Gelora Delta Putra; aka Deltras (DELta puTRA Sidoarjo).

Other teams

Barito Putra          Banjarmasin            White, red edges             white    red          
Pelita Krakatau Steel Cilegon                Blue; red edges              blue     red
Perseden              Denpasar               Oranje; black sleeves        black    black
Persijatim Solo [2]   Solo                   Red; white edges             black    red         
Persikota             Kabup. Tangerang       Yellow; blue edges           blue     blue  
Petrokimia Putra      Gresik                 Yellow, blue edges           blue     yellow
PSDS                  Deli Serdang           Yellow, black edges          black    yellow
PSPS                  Pekanbaru              Green; white edges           white    green
PSS                   Sleman, Yogyakarta     Green; white sleeves         green    green
Semen                 Padang                 Red; white edges             black    red

[2] Persijatim were relocated and renamed Persijatim Solo FC.

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