Isle of Man Team Colours

Team                            Colors

Ayre United                     Tangerine & black
Braddan                         Royal Blue & navy
Castletown                      Red & white
Colby                           White & black
Corinthians                     White & black
Douglas Athletic                Pink & black
Douglas High School Old Boys    Blue & white
Douglas Royal                   White & navy
Foxdale                         Royal Blue & purple
Governors Athletic              Green & black
Gymnasium                       Navy & white
Jurby                           Purple & white
Laxey                           Green & white
Malew                           Red & black
Marown                          Maroon & gold
Michael United                  Green, black & white
Onchan                          Yellow & blue
Peel                            Red, white & black
Police                          Red & navy
Port St Mary                    Red & black
Pulrose United                  Red & white
Ramsey                          Blue & white
Ramsey Youth Centre & Old Boys  Blue & black
Ronaldsway                      Yellow & sky blue
Rushen United                   Yellow & black
St. Georges                     Amber & black
St. Johns United                Royal blue & yellow
St. Marys                       Yellow & green
Union Mills                     Claret & sky Blue
Wanderers                       Black & white

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