Italy - Club Colours

Alessandria: all grey       
Alzano Virescit: white and black squares / black / black
Ancona: red with black and white edge / red / red
Arezzo: all amaranth
Ascoli: Black and white stripes/white/white
Atalanta: Black and blue stripes/black/black
Avellino: green with white edge / white / green
Bari: white with two red hoops on the soulders / white with red edge / white with two red hoops
Bologna: red and blue stripes / white / blue
Brescia: Blue with white V/white/blue
Cagliari: Red and blue halves/blue/blue
Casertana: Red and blue stripes/blue/white
Cesena: white with black edge / black / withe
Chievoverona: yellow with a blue neck / yellow / yellow                 
Cittadella: all garnet     
Como: blue with white edge / blue / blue          
Cosenza: red and blue stripes / blue / red  
Cremonese: Grey and red stripes/red/red
Empoli: blu with blue edge / blu with blue edge blu / with blue edge 
Fidelis Andria: blue with a white hoop and white edge / blue / white    
Fiorentina: violet with white edge / violet / violet  
Foggia: Red and black stripes/black/black
Genoa: red and blue halves / blue / red and blue hoops
Internazionale: Blue and black stripes/black/black
Juventus: black and white stripes / black / black
Lazio: sky-blue with a blue hoop / white / white 
Lecce: red and yellow stripes / red / red with yellow edge
Livorno: amartanth with black and white neck / black / black      
Lucchese(-Libertas): red and black stripes / black / black
Messina: White with red and yellow trim/black/black
Milan: Red and black stripes/white/white
Modena: yellow with blue edge / blue / blue
Monza: red whith white edge / red / red                       
Napoli: sky-blue with white edge / white / sky-blue
Padova: All white with red trim
Palermo: pink with black edge / black / pink and black
Parma: Blue and yellow hoops/yellow/yellow
Perugia: red with white edge and two very thin and white stripes in the right part (not in the right side) / white / red
Pescara: Blue and white stripes/blue/white
Piacenza: red with white edge / red / red
Pisa: Black and blue stripes/black/black
Pistoiese: all orange but with a black neck              
Ravenna: red whit yellow edge / red / red                       
Reggiana: garnet with few and very thin blue stripes / garnet /garnet  
Reggina: amaranth with black and white edge / black / black
Roma: All burgundy with gold trim
Salernitana: garnet with a black hoop / garnet / garnet
Sampdoria: Blue with white, red and black bands/white/white
Spal: white and sky-blue stripes / white / white         
Taranto: Red and blue stripes/blue/blue
Torino: garnet with a black neck / white / black and garnet
Treviso: large sky-blue and white stripes / black / black    
Udinese: Black and white stripes with white sleeves/white/white
Varese: red with white edge / red / red       
Venezia: black with orange and green edge / black / black with orange and black edge
Verona: All blue with yellow trim
Vicenza: Red and white stripes/white/white

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