Lebanon Team Colours

Al Ansar (Beirut)                  green/white
Homenetmen (Beirut)                yellow/blue
Homenmen (Beirut)                  white/red
Nejmeh (Beirut)                    red/yellow
Safa (Safa)                        yellow/blue
La Sagesse (Beirut)                green/white
Al Tadamon (Tyr)                   red/black
Shabab Al Sahel (Beirut)           blue/white
Al Akha Ahli (Beirut)              all blue
Salam Zghorta (Tripoli)            red/black
Al Ahed (Safa)                     yellow/black
Al Majd (Beirut)                   red/white
Al Ahli (Sidon)                    white/red
Borj (Beirut)                      yellow/black
Al Hurriya (Beirut)                white/blue
Racing Club (Beirut)               all white(red)
Al Mabarra (Mabarra)               all green
Al Islah (Islah)                   red/white
Riyadh Wal-Adab (Tripoli)          all red
Shabab (Tripoli)                   red/white
Fetyan (Sidon)                     all white(red)
Al Ahly (Sarba)                    red/white
Al Ijtimayi (Beirut)               blue/white


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