Lithuania - Team Colours

A Lyga (First level)

Team               City             Shirt                            Short     Socks

Atlantas [1]       Klaipeda         Yellow; blue hoop                blue      blue 
Ekranas            Panevezys        Blue; white edges                blue      blue
FBK Kaunas [2]     Kaunas           Yellow; green & edges            green     yellow
Nevezis            Kedainiai        Yellow; blue edges               blue      yellow 
Silute             Silute           Green; black edges               green     green
Siauliai           Siauliai         Yellow; black edges              black     yellow
Suduva             Marijampole      White; red hoop                  white     white
Vetra              Rudiskes [3]     Yellow; blue sleeves             blue      blue
Vilnius [4]        Vilnius          Blood red; white & black edges   red       white
Zalgiris           Vilnius          Green and white stripes          green     green

[1] Former Granitas (Klaipeda); Aras (Klaipeda), respectively
[2] Former Banga (Kaunas); Zalgiris (Kaunas), respectively
[3] Plays in Vilnius
[4] Sviesa Vilnius changed name to FK Vilnius

1 Lyga (Second level) teams

Alytis                Alytus       Red & black stripes              black     blac
Atlantas 2 [6]        Klaipeda     Yellow; blue hoop                blue      blue 
Atletas               Kaunas       Green; yellow edges              yellow    green
Babrungas             Plunge       Grenat; white edges              grenat    grenat  
Banga                 Gargzdai     Blue & orange stripess           blue      blue
Gelezinis Vilkas      Vilnius      Green; black edges               black     green
Interas-AE [7]        Visaginas    Yellow; black edges              black     blac
Kauno jegeriai [8]    Kaunas       Green; yellow edges              green     yellow
Kruoja                Pakruojis    Blue, yellow edges               blue      blue
LKKA ir Teledema      Kaunas       White; red edges                 red       white
Lietava               Jonava       Green; white & black edges       green     green
Polonija [9]          Vilnius      Yellow; black edges              green     yellow
Rodiklis              Kaunas       White, black & red edges         white     white
Siauliai 2 [10]       Siauliai     Yellow; black edges              black     yellow
Suduva 2 [11]         Marijampole  White; red hoop, black edges     black     white
Tauras ir Erra [12]   Taurage      Red, white edges                 black     white
Vetra-2 [13]          Rudiskes     Yellow; black edges              yellow    yellow
Vilnius-2 [14]        Vilnius      Blood red; white & black edges   red       white
Vilkmerge [15]        Ukmerge      White; black edges               black     white
Zalgiris [16]         Vilnius      Green and white stripes          green     green

[6] is "B" team of Atlantas
[7] Former Inter (Snieckus)
[8] is farm-team of FBK Kaunas
[9] is farm-teams of Zalgiris (Vilnius). Former Lokomotyvas (Vilnius); Ardena (Vilnius), respectively
[10] is "B" team of Siauliai
[11] Former Zydrius (Marijampole)
[12] is farm-team of Inkaras Kaunas. Former Elektronas (Taurage); Tauras-Karsuva (Taurage), respectively
[13] is farm-team of Vetra Rudiskes. Play in Vilnius
[14] is farm-team of FK Vilnius
[15] Former Musa (Ukmerge); FK Ukmerge, respectively
[16] is a Zalgiris reserve team. Former Zalgiris-Volmeta (Vilnius)

Some lower level teams

Ardena              Vilnius      White; green edges               green      white 
Dainava [17]        Alytus       Blue & red stripes               black      red 
Ekranas-2 [18]      Panevezys    Blue with white edges            blue       blue
Inkaras [19]        Kaunas       Blue & white stripes             blue       blue
Kareda [20]         Kaunas       Black with yellow edges          black      black 
Kvintencija         Kaunas       All violet                       black      yellow
Laisve Silute [21]  Silute       Yellow with blue hoop            blue       blue 
Lokomotyvas         Vilnius      All blue                         blue       blue
Sakalas [22]        Siauliai     Black with yellow edges          black      yellow
Zalgiris            Kaunas       Green; yellow hoop and trim      yellow     yellow

[17] former Snaige (Alytus)
[18] is farm-team of Ekranas Panevezys
[19] Apparently withdrew
[20] is farm-team of FBK Kaunas. Former Kareda-Sakalas (Siauliai); Sakalas-Siauliai; Kareda (Siauliai), respectively
[21] is farm-team of Atlantas (Klaipeda)
[22] Former Klevis (Siauliai)

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