Mali Team Colours

Championnat National Première Division (First level)

Club                                 City         Jersey                    short      socks

Al Farouk			     Tombouctou   Blue; white edges         black      blue
AS Bakaridjan de Barouéli            Ségou	  Green; red & white edges  red        green
AS de Bamako [1]                     Bamako       Yellow & green stripes    yellow     green
JS Centre Salif Kéita [2]            Bamako       Blue; yellow edges        blue       blue
Cercle Olympique [3]                 Bamako       White; green sleeves      green      white
Djoliba AC                           Bamako       Red & green stripes       red        red    
CS Duguwolofila de Babanba           Koulikoro    White; sky blue edges     sky blue   white
US des Forces Armées et Sécurité [4] Bamako       Yellow; blue edges        yellow     yellow  
Jeanne d'Arc FC	[5]	             Bamako	  Blue; white edges      
AS de Korofina [6]                   Bamako       All orange                orange     orange
Onze Créateurs de Niaréla            Bamako       Green; white edges        yellow     green
AS Réal                              Bamako       Black & white stripes     white      black
Stade Malien                         Bamako       White; blue edges         white      white 
AS Stade Malien                      Sikasso      White; blue edges         white      white 

[1] aka ASB
[2] aka CSK
[3] aka COB
[4] aka USFAS
[5] In late 2007 a group of Stade Malien supporters broke away to form their own football club,
    taking the "Jeanne D'Arc" name with them. The name is a reference to one of two defunct clubs
    which combined to form Stade Malien, Jeanne d'Arc du Soudan (founded 1938) in 1960.
[6] aka ASKO. In december 2008 change your blue & white striped shirt for new colour: all orange.

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