Martinique Team Colours

Division d'Honneur  (First level)

Team                         City             Shirt                    short     socks

Aiglon                       Lamentin         Red; yellow edges        yellow    red
Anses d'Arlet FC [1]         Anses d'Arlet    Green & white stripes    green     white
Club Franciscain             Le François      Green; black edges       black     white
CS Case-Pilote               Case-Pilote      All white                white     white
Emulation                    Schoelcher       Blue; red sleeves        red       blue
Essor-Préchotain             Prêcheur         Red; white edges         red       red
Golden Star                  Fort-de-France   Yellow; blue edges       blue      yellow
La Samaritaine               Sainte-Marie     Yellow; green edges      green     yellow
New Club                     Petit-Bourg      Green; white sleeves     white     white
Racing Club Rivière Pilote   Rivière Pilote   Violet; white edges      white     violet
Réveil Sportif               Gros Morne       Yellow; green edges      green     green
US Diamantinoise             Diamant          White; blue edges        white     white
US Robert                    Le Robert        Red; white sleeves       red       red
AC Vert-Pré                  Vert-Pré         Green; white shoulders   white     green

[1] former RCA

Some lower level teams

US Boë                       Vauclin          Yellow; black edges    black     yellow
Ducos FC                     Ducos            Green; white edges     green     green
Eclair                       Rivière-Salée    Red & white stripes    red       red
Etendard                     Bellefontaine    White; black edges     black     white   
Hirondelle                   Rivière-Salé     Blue; white edges      white     blue  
L'Assaut                     Saint-Pierre     Blue; white edges      blue      blue
Olympique                    Marin            Violet; white edges    white     violet
Club Péléen                  Morne Rouge      All sky blue           sky blue  sky blue
Rapid Club Lorrain           Le Lorrain       Blue & white stripes   blue      white
Stade Spiritain              Saint-Esprit     Blue; white edgees     white     red
CS Vauclinois                Vauclin          Green; white edges     white     green
JS Marigot                   Marigot          Skay blue; red edges   red       red      
AS Mornes-des-Esses          Sainte-Marie     All yellow             black     white

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