Mauritius Team Colours

Premier League (top level)

Team                      City             Shirt                      short     socks

Cercle de Joachim         Curepipe         Red; black & white edges   red       red
EBRRMR SC [1]             Central Flacq    Green; white edges         white     green
GRSE Wanderers SC [2]     Flacq            Yellow; black shoulders    black     yellow
La Cure Sylvester SC      Port-Louis       Blue, white edges          blue      red
Pamplemousses SC          Belle Vue        Red; blue edges            blue      red
Petite Riviè¸re Noire FC   Tamarin          White, blue edges          black     blue
AS Port-Louis 2000        Port-Louis       Red; white edges           red       red 
Roche-Bois Bolton City    Port-Louis       Blue; white edges          blue      blue
Savanne SC                Riambel          Yellow & green stripes     black     green
AS de Vacoas-Phoenix      Vacoas-Phoenix   Yellow; green edges        green     yellow

[1] full name Entente Boulet Rouge-Riche Mare Rovers SC
[2] full name Grande Riviè¸re Sud Est Wanderers SC

National Division 1 (second level)

Chebel Citizens SC                                 Sky-blue; white edges     sky-blue  orange
Faucon Flacq SC            Flacq                   Yellow; blue sleeves      blue      yellow
NHPFC U-20 [3]             St. Pierre              Red; white edges          white     red
Pointe-aux-Sables Mates    Beau Bassin-Rose Hill   Black & white stripes     black     black
Port-Louis Black Horns FC  Port-Louis              White; black sleeves      white     white
AS Quatre-Bornes           Quatre-Bornes           Blue; white edges         blue      blue
AS Rivi踸re du Rempart      Mapou                   White & green hoops       white     green                 
Upper Vale Starlight SC    The Vale                Green; black edges        green     black
USBBRH [4]                 Beau-Bassin             Yellow; blue edges        yellow    yellow

[3] full name National High Performance Football Centre
[4] full name US Beau Bassin-Rose Hill

National Division 2 (third level)

Chamarel SC               Bambous             Yellow; green edges       yellow    yellow 
Curepipe Starlight SC     Curepipe            Red & white stripes       red       red
Grand-Bel-Air Rovers      Grand Bel Air       Red; white edges          red       red
GRN Westcoast [5]         Black River         Blue; white & red edges   blue      blue
La Cure Waves SC          Port-Louis          Black & red hoops         black     black
Mangalkhan SC             Curepipe            Red; black edges          black     red
NHPFC U-17                St. Pierre          Red; white edges          white     red
RDR Star Knitwear [6]     Riviè¸re du Rempart  Orange; black edges       black     black    
US Trou-aux-Biches        Trou-aux-Biches     Pink; grey edges          grey      grey 

[5] full name Grande Rivi¸re Noire Westcoast FC
[6] full name Rivi踸re du Rempart Star Knitwear

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