Mayotte Team Colours

ACSJ Mliha                      yellow/green/blue
AJ Kani-Kéli                    yellow/orange/black
AJ Mtsahara                     white/red/violet/green
Arc-en-Ciel Koungou             white/blue/red
AS Bandraboua                   orange/yellow/black
ASCEE Nyambadao                 red/blue
ASC Kawéni                      blue/red
AS Kahani                       yellow/blue/white/black
AS Dynamique Sada               orange/yellow/black
ASIM Passamainty                blue/white/red
AS Jumelles                     white/blue/red
AS Issuwala                     red/white
ASJ Handréma                    blue/green
ASJ Moinatrindri                blue/white/red/black
AS M'bouini                     yellow/blue/red
AS Neige de Malamani            white/blue
AS Ongojou                      red/blue
AS Papillon d'Honneur           green/yellow
AS Rosador                      green/white
AS Sada                         yellow/blue
AS Tour-Eiffel                  blue/yellow/red
Bandrélé Foot                   yellow/white/sky blue/black                                               
CFF Mtsapéré                    red/black-blue/white
Choumane Club Omnisport         green/blue/red
CS Mramadoudou                  blue/yellow/black/white
CJ Mronabéja                    yellow/red
Diables Noirs                   red/yellow/black
Eclair du Sud                   white/blue/black
Ecole de Football du Baobab     red/blue
Ecole de Football du Centre     blue
Ecole de Football du Nord       blue/white/yellow
Ecole de Football du Sud        blue/white/yellow
Enfant de Mayotte               blue/red/white
Enfant du Port Londoni          yellow/blue
Enfant du Sud                   white/blue-red/grey
Espérance d'Iloni               red/black
Espoir de Mtsapéré              yellow/black-white
Etincelles de Hamjago           red/red-white/green
Etoile Hapandzo                 red/blue
Etoile Pamandzi                 red/white
FC Chiconi                      red/green
FC Dembéni                      yellow/green/white
FC Kani-Bé                      blue/red/white
FC Koropa                       yellow/red/black
FC Labattoir                    blue/green
FC Mabougani                    green/blue
FC Mtsapéré                     red/white/blue  
FC Mawa du Nord                 blue/red
FC Tsimkoura                    red/blue/yellow-black
FC Passamainty                  green/white/blue
Feu du Centre de Mroalé         red/blue/yellow-white
Flamme de Hajangua              green/yellow/black
Foudre 2000                     white/red
Guinée Club                     yellow/blue
Jumeaux                         violet/white/blue
JS Miréréni                     green/blue
Koungou                         green/white/red
Lance Missile                   red/white/green
Mahabou SC                      blue/white
Maharavou Sport                 green/white/red  
Miracle du Sud                  red/white/yellow
Missil Rouge                    red/yellow/orange-black
Mtsanga 2000                    red/blue
Ouragan Club                    red/green/blue
Pamandzi SC                     blue-white
Papillon Bleu                   blue/red
Racine du Nord                  blue/white/red
RC Barakani                     yellow/blue/black
RCES Poroani Magnacini          green/red/orange
Shingabwe                       yellow/blue/white-red
Tchanga SC                      green/white
TCO Mamoudzou                   orange/white/yellow-black
Tigres der Kawéni               orange/white/yellow/black-red
Tonnerre du Nord de Bouyouni    red/white
Trévani SC                      red/white
Tsoundzou FC                    yellow/green/red
UCS Sada                        green/blue
USCJ Longoni                    red/blue/green
USJ Tsararano                   blue/red
US Kavani                       green/white/yellow
US Majivaco Lamir               yellow/blue
US Mtsamoudou                   yellow/red/black
US Mtsamganboua                 yellow/blue/black
US Ouangani                     blue/red
USP Loungou                     red/blue
VCO de Vahibé                   blue/red
Voulvavi Sport                  sky blue- marine blue/black/white
VSS Hagnoundrou                 green/blue

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