Montenegro Team Colours

Prva Crnogorska Fudbal Liga (top Level)

Team              City              jersey                  short   socks

Bokelj            Kotor             Blue; white edges       blue    white
Buducnost         Podgorica [1]     Blue & white stripes    blue    blue
Dečić             Tuzi              Blue; white edges       blue    blue
Grbalj            Radanovići        Red; blue edges         blue    white
Iskra             Danilovgrad       Red; white edges        red     red
Lovćen            Cetinje           Red; white edges        white   red    
Mladost           Podgorica [1]     Red; white edges        white   red
Mornar            Bar               Blue; white edges       blue    blue
OFK Petrovac      Petrovac          Black & white stripes   black   black
Rudar             Plevlja           Blue; white edges       blue    blue
Sutjeska          Nikšić            White; blue edges       white   white
Zeta              Golubovci         Blue; white edges       blue    blue

[1] former Titograd

Druga Liga (second level)

Berane           Berane            Blue; white edges       blue    blue
Bratstvo         Cijevna           Blue & white stripes    blue    white
Brskovo          Mojkovac          Red; black edges        black   black
Cetinje          Cetinje           White; blue edges       blue    blue
Grafičar         Podgorica         Yellow; blue edges      blue    blue
Ibar             Rožaje            Black & white stripes   black   white
OFK Igalo        Igalo             Blue; white edges       white   blue
Jedinstvo        Bijelo Polje      White; sky blue edges   white   white
Jezero           Plav              Blue; white edges       blue    blue
Kom              Podgorica [1]     Blue; white edges       white   white 
Mogren           Budva             Yellow; blue edges      blue    yellow
Radnički         Berane            Yellow; black edges     black   yellow

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