Mozambique Team Colours

Liga Moçambicana (aka Moçambola)

Team                       City            Shirt                              short   socks

Chingale                   Tete            Blue; white edges                  blue    white
CD Costa do Sol [1]        Maputo          Yellow; blue edges                 blue    white
Ferroviário da Beira       Beira           Green; white edges                 white   white
Ferroviário de Maputo [2]  Maputo          Green; white edges                 green   green
Ferroviário de Nacala      Nacala Velha    Green; white edges                 green   green
Ferroviário de Nampula     Nampula         Green; white edges                 green   green
GD da HCB [3]              Songo           White; blue edges                  white   white
FC de Lichinga             Lichinga        Blue; white edges                  blue    blue
Liga Muçulmana             Maputo          Green, yellow edges                blue    blue
GD de Maputo [4]           Maputo          White; black edges                 black   black   
CD Matchedje               Maputo          Red; white edges                   red     red
CD do Maxaquene [5]        Maputo          Blue, red & narrow white stripes   blue    red    
CA Muçulmano               Matola          Yellow; blue edges                 blue    blue     
GDR Textáfrica [6]         Chimoio         Blue; white edges                  bluw    white

[1] former Sport Lourenço Marques e Benfica; on 1976 renamed Sport Maputo e Benfica; on 1978 renamed.
[2] former Clube Ferroviário de Lourenço Marques; on 1976 renamed.
[3] HCB means Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa.
[4] former Grupo Desportivo de Lourenço Marques; on 1976 renamed.
[5] former Sporting Clube de Lourenço Marques; on 1976 renamed Sporting Clube de Maputo; on 1978 renamed.
[6] GDR means Grupo Desportivo e Recreativo.

Some lower level teams

Benfica de Macúti              Beira       Red; white edges      white    red
Benfica de Quelimane           Quelimane   Red; white edges      white    red
GD Estrela Vermelha            Maputo      Yellow; green edges   green    green
GD Companhia Têxtil do Punguè  Beira       Blue; yellow edges    yellow   blue
Vila Real Quelimane            Quelimane   Blue & red stripes    blue     blue

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