Non-FIFA National Teams Colours

Team                            Shirt                               Short     Socks
Abkhazia                        Green; white edges                  red       green
Aland Islands                   Red & yellow stripes                blue      blue
Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)      White; grey edges                   white     white 
Bretagne                        White; black edges                  black     black
Chagos Islands                  Orange, black & sky blue stripes    orange    sky blue
Chechnya                        Grey; white edges                   green     green
Christmas Island                Green; yellow edges                 blue      yellow
Cocos Islands (Keeling)         Green; yellow edges                 white     white
Corsica                         Grey; black edges                   white     white
Crimea                          Red; white edges                    white     red
Darfur                          Green; white edges                  green     green
Donetsk                         Red; white edges                    blue      black  
East Turkestan                  Sky blue; white & blue edges        sky blue  sky blue
Falkland Islands                Red; white edges                    blue      white
Federated States of Micronesia  Blue; white edges                   white     blue
French Guyana                   Yellow; green edges                 blue      green
Gagauzia                        Yellow; green edges                 green     green
Gotland                         All white                           white     white
Greenland                       Red; white edges                    black     red
Guadeloupe                      Green; white edges                  red       red
Hawaii                          Blue & white stripes                blue      blue
Isle of Man                     Yellow; red sleeves                 red       red
Isle of Wight                   Blue; red & white edges             blue      blue
Jammy & Kashmir                 Blue; white sleeves, red edges      blue      white
Kiribati                        Red; white & blue edges             red       red
Kurdistan                       White, green & red edges            white     white
La Reunion                      Green; red shoulders & white edges  green     green
Lapland (Sapmi)                 Red; blue, yellow & green edges     blue      red
Marshall Islands                Blue; white & orange edges          blue      blue
Martinique                      Blue; white edges                   white     blue
Mayotte                         White; green sleeves                white     white
Monaco                          Red; white edges                    red       red
Nauru                           Blue; yellow edges                  blue      blue
Niue                            Gold; green edges                   green     yellow
Northern Cyprus                 Red; white edges                    red       red
Northern Marianas Islands       Sky blue; white edges               sky blue  sky blue
Occitania                       Red; white edges                    red       yellow
Orkney                          Red with white shoulders            white     red
Padania                         White & red cross                   white     white
Palau                           Blue; yellow edges                  blue      yellow
Panjab                          Yellow; blue edges                  blue      blue
Prince Edward Island            All white                           white     white
Quebec                          Blue, white edges                   blue      white
Raetia                          Blue; white edges                   white     white
Republic of Srpska              Red; blue edges                     red       blue
Rhodes                          White with black edges              black     white
Rom                             Green & blue halves; red edges      blue      blue
Saaremaa                        Blue with white sleeves             white     blue
Saint-Barthélemy                All white                           white     white
Saint Helena                    Yellow; green sleeves               white     white
Saint-Martin                    Blue; white shoulder & red edges    blue      blue
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon        Blue; white & red edges             white     red
Saugeais                        Violet; white edges                 violet    violet
Sealand                         Red; white hoop & edges             black     white
Shetland Islands                Marine blue; white shoulders        blue      blue
Sikkim                          Blue; white edges                   white     blue
Sint Maarten                    Red; white & yellow edges           white     red
Somaliland                      White; green & red edges            white     white
South Lower Saxony              All black                           yellow    green
Southern Cameroon               Blue; red & white edges             white     sky blue
Southern Molucas                White; blue-white-red-green sash    white     white
South Osetia                    White; red & yellow edges           red       yellow
Tamil Eelam                     Red & yellow stripes                red       red
Tibet                           Blue & red stripes                  white     blue
Tokelau Islands                 Blue; yellow edges                  white     green
Tuvalu                          Sky blue; yellow edges              white     white
Vatican City                    Yellow; white sleeves               white     yellow
Wallis & Futuna                 Red; white edges                    white     blue
West Papua                      All orange                          black     blue
Western Sahara                  Black, green shoulders, red edges   red       white
Zanzibar                        Blue; white edges                   blue      blue

English Channel Islands
Alderney                        Blue & white stripes                white     blue
Guernsey                        Green with white sleeves            white     green
Jersey                          Red; white edges                    white     red 
Sark                            Black & yellow stripes              black     yellow

Spanish regions
Andalucia                       White; green sleeves             green     white
Aragón                          Blue; yellow & red hoops         white     blue
Asturias                        Sky blue; broad yellow stripe    sky blue  sky blue
Balearic Islands                Blue; yellow edges               blue      blue
Canary Islands                  White; black & blue sleeves      blue      blue
Cantabria                       White & red halves               red       red
Castilla-La Mancha              White & red-wine halves          red-wine  white
Castilla y León                 Red & white quarters             white     red
Catalonia                       Blue; yellow & red edges         blue      blue
Ceuta                           White; black edges               white     white
Euskadi (Basque Country)        Green; white & red edges         white     red          
Galicia                         White; sky blue sash             sky blue  white
Melilla                         Blue; white edges                white     blue
Navarra                         Red; black edges                 red       red
Valencian Comunity              White; red edges                 black     black

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