Paraguay Team Colors

primera división 2000

Atlético Colegiales               red/blue/red
Cerro Corá                        red and black striped/black/white
Cerro Porteño                     blue and claret striped/white/blue
Doce de Octubre (Itauguá)         blue and white striped/blue/blue
Guaraní                           black and yellow striped/black/black
Olimpia                           all white, black hoop
Sol de América                    blue/blue/white  
Sportivo Luqueño                  blue and yellow striped/blue/blue
Sportivo San Lorenzo              red and white striped/red/red
Universal (Encarnación)           black and yellow striped/black/black

intermedia 2000

Atlético Tembetary                red and green striped/white/white
Deportivo Recoleta                yellow/black/black
Doce de Octubre (Santo Domingo)   black and white striped/black/black
Libertad                          black and white striped/black/black
Nacional                          white, red and blue trims/blue/white
Oriental                          all white
Presidente Hayes                  red and white striped/blue/blue
Resistencia                       light blue/white/grey
River Plate                       red and white striped/black/black
Rubio Ñu                          green and white striped/white/white
Sport Colombia                    red and yellow striped/blue/blue
Sportivo Iteño                    red, white sleeves/blue/red
Tacuary                           all white, black trims

other teams (lower divisions and provincial teams)

Atlantida                         black and light blue striped/black/black
Atlético Juventud                 red and blue/blue/blue
Capitán Figari                    red and white striped/blue/white
Deportivo Humaitá                 red and white striped/red/red
Deportivo Pinoza                  green/black/green
Fernando de la Mora               red, white trims/black/black
General Caballero (Campo Grande)  red/white/red
General Caballero (San Felipe)    red and white striped/white/white
General Caballero (Zeballos Cué)  red, white sleeves/red/red
General Díaz (Luque)              all white, black hoop
Independiente                     red and blue/white/white
Ocho de Diciembre (Caacupé)       light blue and white striped/black/black
Pilcomayo                         black and white striped/white/white
Primero de Marzo (Pilar)          red, white trims/blue/red
Silvio Pettirossi (Encarnación)   green and white striped/green/green
Sport Colonial                    all blue, yellow hoop
Sportivo Ameliano                 white, blue V/blue/white
Sportivo Trinidense               all blue, yellow hoop
Tres de Febrero (Ciudad del Este) red and white striped/red/red
Tres de Noviembre                 white, red and blue trims/blue/red
Valois Rivarola                   all white, blue hoop
Veintinueve de Septiembre (Luque) red and yellow striped/red/red

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