Peru Team Colors

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A.D.T.                  light blue/white
A.E.L.U.                green/white/white                    all white
Alcides Vigo            green/white/green
Alfonso Ugarte          white, red sash/red
Alianza Atlético        sky-blue & white stripes/white/white all white
Alianza Lima            blue y white stripes/blue/white      all white
Atlético Grau           all white
Atletico Huracán        all red
Aurich Cañaña           red/white/white                      all white 
Aurora                  yellow and black striped/black
Aviacion F.A.P.         sky-blue/white/white
Bella Esperanza         red/white/white
Carlos Manucci          blue/white                           all white
Centro Iqueño           white/black
Ciclista Lima           black and white striped/white/  
Cienciano               red/white/white                      all white
C.N.I.                  all white                            green/white/green
Coopsol                 red/blue/blue
Coronel Bolognesi       all red
Defensor Kiwi           yellow/green
Defensor Lima           claret/white/claret                  white/white
Deportivo Cañaña        green/white
Deportivo Junín         white/green                          green/black
Deportivo Municipal     white, red sash/blue/blue            all blue, red sash
Deportivo Pesquero      dark green/dark green/white          all white
Deportivo Pucallpa      all red  
Deportivo Tintaya       red/white 
Deportivo Zúñiga        all blue
Diablos Rojos           all red
Enrique Lau Chun        red/blue                             blue/blue 
Guardia Republicana     blue & yellow stripes/blue/yellow    all blue
Hungaritos Agustinos    green/white
I.M.I.                  all white                            green/white
Internazionale          blue/white/blue                      all white
Jose Carlos Mariategui  white/red  
Jose Galvez             white, red sash/white                red, white sash/red
Juan Aurich             red/white/white                      all white
Juvenil los Angeles     all light blue
Juventud la Joya        red, black hoop/white
Juventud la Palma       light blue/black
La Loretana             yellow and orange striped/blue       all blue
Lawn Tennis             white/sky-blue/white                 sky-blue/sky-blue/white
Leon                    all cream                            claret/cream
Mariscal Nieto          yellow/black 
Melgar                  red and black halves/black/black     all white
Meteor                  blue/blue/ white
Mina San Vicente        light blue/black
Mixto Estudiantil       orange/black
Municipal Chorrillos    white, red sash/blue
Octavio Espinoza        orange/white/white
San Agustin             yellow/red/red                       all red  
Santa Marina            yellow/black
Sport Agustino          claret/white                         all white
Sport Boys              pink/black/black                     yellow/black/black
Sport Puerto Aereo      green/white
Sporting Cristal        sky-blue/white/sky-blue              all white
Sportivo Huracán        green/black
Torino                  claret/white
U de America            cream/cream/black                    garnet/cream/black
Union Huaral            red & white stripes/white/white      all white
Unión Minas             yellow/blue/white                    red/blue/white
Union Supe              pink/black
Universitario           cream/cream/black                    garnet/cream/black
U.P.A.O.                blue/white/blue                      all white
U.T.C.                  all cream                            all red
Virgen de Chapi         red and black halves/black/black     all white
Yurimaguas              white, red V/white/white             all red

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