Reunion Team Colours

Division 1 (First Level)

Team                   Town             Jersey                       Short   Socks

US Bénédictine         Saint-Benoît     Blue; white & red edges      white   red
SS Capricorne          Saint-Pierre     Yellow; black & white edges  black   black
AS Chaudron            Chaudron         Yellow; blue edges           blue    blue
SS Dynamo              Sainte Marie     Black & red stripes          black   black
SS Excelsior           Saint-Joseph     Orange; black edges          white   black
SS Jeanne d'Arc        Le Port          Blue; white edges            blue    white
FC Les Avirons         Les Avirons      Green; white & black edges   black   green
SS Rivière Sports      Saint Louis      Green; white edges           green   white
US Saint André         Saint André      Yellow; black edges          black   yellow
Saint Denis FC         Sainte-Clotilde  Green & yellow stripes       yellow  yellow
SS Saint-Louisienne    Saint Louis      Green; white edges           green   green
OFC Saint Pauloise     Saint-Paul       White; blue edges            blue    blue
JS Saint-Pierroise     Saint-Pierre     White; black edges           black   white
US Stade Tamponnaise   Le Tampon        Blue; white edges            blue    blue

Women's League

Team                   Jersey      Short       Socks

ASC Ouest              blue        blue        blue
FF Bagatelle           red         black       black
ASFF Portoie           pink/black  black       black
AFF Est                orange      black       orange
AFF Dionysienne        white/blue  blue        blue
AS Plainoise           yellow      green       yellow
JSF Eperon             blue        white       blue
St JO FF               blue        blue        blue
AD FF                  blue/white  blue/white  blue/white
Olymp. FF Tamponnaise  blue/yellow blue        yellow
FF de La Montagne      pink        black       pink
AF Saint Anne          blue/red    blue        blue
FF Sud                 blue        blue        blue
AJS Sainte Marienne    blue        blue        red

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