Saint Helena Team Colours

Axis               pink / black / pink
Bellboys           black-yellow / taupe / white
Chop Shop Boys     yellow / blue / blue
Crusaders          violet (sleeves and collar white) / violet / white
Crystal Rangers    blue with black stripes / black / black
Fugees             red-black / black / black
Harts              blue with white stripes (angular above, vertical below) / blue with white wide stripes / white
Hotshots           orange / black / black
Raiders            green with black edges / black / black
Refugees           black-red / black / black
Rovers             all bright green
Scouts             marine blue with red edges / marine blue / marine blue
Wirebirds          orange with black V / black / orange
Wolves             red / white / white (or: blue with black longitudinal stripes / black / orange)

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