Serbia Team Colours

Meridian Superliga (First Level)

Team                     City             Jersey                          Short   Socks

Banat [1]                Zrenjanin        Red; black edges                red     red
Borac                    Cacak            Red & white horizontal stripes  white   white
Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) Beograd          Red & white stripes             white   red
Cukaricki Stankom        Beograd          White & black stripes           white   white
Hajduk                   Kula             White; sky blue edges           white   white
Jagodina                 Jagodina         Blue; white edges               blue    blue
Javor                    Ivanjica         White; red edges                red     white
Napredak                 Krusevac         Red; white edges                red     red
OFK Beograd              Beograd          Blue & white stripes            blue    blue
Partizan                 Beograd          White & balck stripes           black   white
Rad                      Beograd          Sky blue; blue edges            blue    sky blue
Vojvodina                Novi Sad         Red & white halves              red     red

[1] Buducnost Banatski Dvor "merged" with Banat Zrenjanin (a newly founded club after
    Proleter Zrenjanin were dissolved at the end of 2005) and moved to Zrenjanin

Prva Liga Srbija (Second level)

FK Bežanija      Novi Beograd       Blue & red stripes      blue      blue
BSK Borca        Beograd            Blue; black edges       blue      blue
CSK Pivara       Celarevo           White & black stripes   white     white
Dinamo           Vranje             Black; yellow edges     black     black
Hajduk           Beograd            White; red edges        white     red
Indija           Indija             Green & white hops      green     white
Kolubara         Lazarevac          Black & green stripes   black     black
Metalac          Gornji Milanovac   Blue & white hops       white     blue
Mladi Radnik     Požarevac          Red; white edges        red       red
Mladost          Apatin             Blue; white edges       blue      blue
Mladost          Lucani             White; blue hoop        white     white
Novi Pazar       Novi Pazar         Blue; white edges       blue      blue
Novi Sad         Novi Sad           Yellow; blue sleeves    yellow    blue
Sevojno Užice    Sevojno            White; red edges        white     white
Smederevo        Smederevo          Sky blue; white edges   sky blue  sky blue
Srem             Sremska Mitrovica  Black & white stripes   white     white
Voždovac         Beograd            White; red edges        white     white
Zlatibor Voda    Subotica           Sky blue; white edges   white     sky blue

Some lower level teams

Becej              Becej             Blue; white sleeves         white   white
Dinamo             Pancevo           White; blue shoulders       blue    white
Kabel              Novi Sad          Red; black shoulders        black   red
Milicionar         Beograd           White; blue edges           white   white
Obilic             Beograd           Blue; yellow edges          blue    blue
OFK Kikinda        Kikinda           Red; white edges            red     white
Palilulac          Beograd           Yellow; broad green stripe  yellow  yellow
Radnicki [2]       Beograd           Red & yellow stripes        yellow  red
Radnicki           Kragujevac        Red; white edges            red     red
Radnicki           Nis               Red; white edges            red     red
Radnicki           Nova Pazova       White with red hoop         white   red
Radnicki           Obrenovac         Blood red; yellow edges     blood   blood
Sartid 1903        Smederevo         Blue & sky blue stripes     blue    blue
Spartak            Subotica          Blue; white edges           white   blue
Sumadija           Kragujevac        Blue & white stripes        blue    white
Vozdovac           Beograd           Red; white edges            white   white
Zeleznik           Beograd           Red; white edges            red     red
Zemun              Zemun             Blue & green stripes        blue    blue
Zvezdara           Beograd           Red; black edges            red     red

[2] formerly known as FK Radnicki Jugopetrol Beograd, sometimes listed as
    Radnicki Novi Beograd or Radnicki JP


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