Seychelles Team Colours

Club                              home                       away
Aden FC                           yellow                     green   
Agrics FC                         yellow                     green 
Anse Etoile FC                    yellow/black               red/white 
Anse Kerlan FC                    yellow/black               blue/black 
Anse Réunion FC                   yellow/black               red/white
ARSU FC                           blue/orange/yellow         blue/yellow  
Athletico Juniors FC              yellow/blue                blue/white   
Baie Ste Anne 96ers FC            blue/red                   white
Beau Vallon FC                    black/white                blue/yellow
Côte d'Or FC                      yellow                     green 
English River FC                  ?                          ?  
Forest Youth FC                   grey/black                 red/white   
Foresters FC                      green/white                yellow/blue
Glacis United FC                  ?                          ?    
Islander FC                       black/white                yellow/black 
La Digue FC                       yellow                     green 
La Passe FC                       yellow/blue                navy blue/yellow
Lazio FC                          yellow                     green   
Lemuria FC                        yellow                     green  
Light Stars FC                    ?                          ?
Light Stars Youth FC              yellow                     green    
LMS United FC                     green/white                yellow/white
Machabe FC                        yellow/red                 black/yellow
Mont Buxton FC                    black/white                red/white 
Mont Fleuri FC                    yellow/green               blue/white  
Northern Dynamo FC                white/blue                 navy blue/red   
Plaisance FC                      white/black                red/black  
Quincy FC                         red/blue/white             yellow/orange 
Red Star FC                       white                      red/white
Rising Sun FC                     yellow                     green  
Rovers FC                         green/white                yellow/white 
SMB FC                            red/white                  blue/yellow
St Francis FC                     white                      green   
St John Bosco FC                  orange/white               light blue  
St Louis FC                       royal blue/navy blue       white/white strips jersey
St Michel FC                      red/black                  black/yellow
St Roch United FC                 ?                          ? 
Seychelles Police FC              blue/white                 white/blue  
South Olympic FC                  red                        blue 
SPTC FC                           blue/yellow                white/red   
Sunshine FC                       yellow/black               white/black
Survivors FC                      blue/white                 green/yellow      
The Lion FC                       white                      red/white                                            
Veteran FC                        yellow                     green  
Victoria Leopards FC              white/blue                 blue/white
Western Tigers FC                 white                      white   

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