Slovakia Team Colours

Corgon Liga (First level)

Team                         City                Shirt                           short     socks

Artmedia Petrzalka           Bratislava          White & black stripes           white     white
DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda [1] Dunajská Streda     Yellow; blue edges              blue      yellow
Dukla Banská Bystrica        Banská Bystrica     Red & white horizontal stripes  white     white 
MFK Dubnica [2]              Dubnica nad Váhom   White; blue edges               white     white
MFK Košice                   Košice              Yellow; blue & red edges        blue      blue
MFK Ružomberok               Ruzomberok          Blue; white edges               white     blue
Nitra                        Nitra               Sky blue; white edges           blue      sky blue
ŠK Slovan Bratislava         Bratislava          Sky blue; white edges           sky blue  sky blue
Spartak Trnava               Trnava              Red; black edges                black     black
1.FC Tatran                  Presov              White; green edges              white     white    
ViOn                         Zlaté Moravce       Red; white edges                red       red
MSK Zilina                   Zilina              Yellow; green edges             green     yellow

[1] FC Senec merged into DAC Dunajská Streda
[2] ZTS Dubnica were renamed MFK Dubnica

II Liga (Second level)

Cana                       Cana              Sky blue with black & blue edges    black   sky blue
DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda   Dunajská Streda   Yellow with blue edges              blue    blue
HFC Humenné                Humenné           Blue with green hoop                blue    blue
Inter Slovnaft Bratislava  Bratislava        Yellow; black edges                 black   yellow
Laugaricio Trencín [3]     Trencín           Black & white stripes               black   black
Matador Púchov             Púchov            Red; black edges                    black   red
MSK Topvar-Horná Nitra     Topolcany         White with red edges                white   red
Petrochema Dubová          Dubová            Yellow with blue edges              blue    blue
Rimavská Sobota            Rimavská Sobota   Black & red halves                  black   red
SKP Devín                  Bratislava        Green, blue & narrow white stripes  white   white
Slovenský hodváb Senica    Senica            Red with white edges                red     red
Sport Podbrezová           Podbrezová        Red with white hoop                 black   red
Steel Trans Licartovce     Kosice            Blue with white edges               blue    blue
VTJ Koba Senec             Senec             Blue with white edges               blue    blue
Velké Leváre               Velké Leváre      White with black edges              white   white 

[3] Former FK Ozeta Duckla Trencín

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