Surinam Team Colors

SVB Hoofdklasse (First level)

Team                    City             Jersey                      short     socks

Boskamp                 Groningen        Red; white edges            red       red
Cosmos [1]              Paramaribo       Sky blue; white edges       sky blue  sky blue
F.C.S.-Nacional [2]     Paramaribo       White; broad blue stripe    white     white
Inter Moengotapoe       Moengo           Orange; white edges         white     white
Jai Hanuman             Livorno          White; red sleeves          red       white
Leo Victor              Paramaribo       Orange; black edges         black     orange
Robinhood               Paramaribo       Red & green halves,         white     green
Royal '95               Paramaribo       Red; white edges            white     green
Super Red Eagles        Paramaribo       Red; white sleeves          red       red
Takdier Boys [3]        Nieuw-Nickerie   Green; white edges          red       green
Transvaal               Paramaribo       Green & white stripes       green     green
Voorwaarts              Paramaribo       Yellow; black edges         black     black
Walking Bout Company    Paramaribo       Yellow; black sleeves       black     black

[1] SV Road renamed to Cosmos
[2] former SV Boxel. FCS means Federatie Culturele Sportvereniging
[3] former Jai Hind '92

Some lower level teams

Boma Star [4]           Paramaribo      Red; white edges         white     red
Excelsior               Meerzorg        Black; white egdes       black     white
Fortuna '75             Lelydorp        Red; white edges         white     red
Jai Hind Nickerie       Nickerie        Red; white sleeves       white     red
Randjiet Boys           Paramaribo      Orange; white edges      black     black
S.N.L.                  Paramaribo      Green; white edges       white     green

[4] former HOB (House of Billards). This club withdrew after all their 
    top players left the club

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