Estonia - Player of the Year Awards

1992  Urmas Hepner         Kumu, Finland
1993  Mart Poom            FC Flora, Tallinn
1994  Mart Poom            FC Wil, Switzerland
1995  Martin Reim          FC Flora, Tallinn
1996  Marek Lemsalu        FC Flora, Tallinn
1997  Mart Poom            Derby County, England
1998  Mart Poom            Derby County, England
1999  Andres Oper          FC Flora, Tallinn/AaB Aalborg, Denmark
2000  Mart Poom            Derby County, England
2001  Indrek Zelinski      FC Flora Tallinn/AaB Aalborg, Denmark
2002  Andres Oper          AaB Aalborg, Denmark
2002  Raio Piiroja         FC Flora Tallinn
2003  Mart Poom	           Sunderland, England
2004  Andrei Stepanov      Torpedo Moskva, Russia
2005  Andres Oper          Roda JC, Netherlands
2006  Raio Piiroja         Fredrikstad, Norway
2007  Raio Piiroja         Fredrikstad, Norway
2008  Raio Piiroja         Fredrikstad, Norway
2009  Raio Piiroja         Fredrikstad, Norway
2010  Konstantin Vassiljev Nafta Lendava, Slovenia
2011  Konstantin Vassiljev Koper, Slovenia/Amkar Perm, Russia
2012  Ragnar Klavan        AZ, Netherlands/FC Augsburg, Germany
2013  Konstantin Vassiljev Amkar Perm, Russia
2014  Ragnar Klavan        FC Augsburg, Germany
2015  Ragnar Klavan        FC Augsburg, Germany
2016  Ragnar Klavan        FC Augsburg, Germany/Liverpool, England
2017  Ragnar Klavan        Liverpool, England
2018  Ragnar Klavan        Liverpool, England/Cagliari, Italy
2019  Ragnar Klavan        Cagliari, Italy
2020  Rauno Sappinen       FC Flora, Tallinn
2021  Rauno Sappinen       FC Flora, Tallinn

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