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    Country Dominance

    The Fairs' Cup has seen three "domestic" finals; all three were Spanish affairs:

    1961/62 Valencia v Barcelona
    1963/64 Zaragoza v Valencia
    1965/66 Barcelona v Zaragoza
    All three teams involved won one of those finals (always the team listed first).

    Defending the Trophy

    Two clubs have defended the Fairs' Cup successfully: Barcelona won the 1955/58 and 1958/60 editions, and compatriots Valencia won in 1961/62 and 1962/63.

    England won four consecutive editions, between 1967/68 and 1970/71, by Leeds United, Newcastle United, Arsenal, and Leeds United again, respectively. If one adds the first two UEFA Cups, won by Tottenham Hotspur (1971/72) and Liverpool (1972/73), one obtains a sequence of 6 consecutive English wins.

    Most Participations

    Below we list all clubs to have entered the Fairs' Cup on at least 5 occasions.
    Note that seasons in which a club withdrew before playing a single match (such as a number of Eastern European clubs in 1968/69) are not included.

    10 Barcelona
     9 Valencia
     8 Lausanne-Sports
     7 Hannover 96
       Hibernian (Edinburgh)
       Wiener Sport-Club
     6 FC Basel
       Dinamo Zagreb
       DOS (Utrecht) 
       Lokomotive Leipzig
       FC Porto
       Spartak Brno 
     5 Aris (Thessaloniki)
       Athletic Bilbao
       Dunfermline Athletic
       Girondins Bordeaux
       Göztepe (Izmir)
       1.FC Köln
       Leeds United
       Leipzig XI
       FC Liégeois
       Lokomotiv Plovdiv
       Újpesti Dózsa
       Union Saint-Gilloise
       Vojvodina Novi Sad
       Real Zaragoza

    See also the section on consecutive participations.

    Consecutive Participations

    The record number of consecutive participations in the Fairs' Cup is 7; note that participation often depended on invitation (only clubs from towns with an international fair could qualify). All clubs to play at least 5 consecutive seasons:

     7 Roma (1958/60-1965/66)
       Wiener Sport-Club (1964/65-1970/71)
     6 Spartak Brno (1961/62-1966/67)
       Valencia (1961/62-1966/67)
       DOS (Utrecht) (1963/64-1968/69)
       Lokomotive Leipzig (1963/64-1968/69)
     5 Barcelona (1955/58-1962/63)
       FC Liégeois (1963/64-1967/68)
       Göztepe (Izmir) (1964/65-1968/69)

    In addition, adding the UEFA Cup, starting from 1971/72, two clubs have a series of seven consecutive participations starting in the Fairs' Cup: Vitória FC (Setúbal) (1968/69-1974/75) and 1.FC Köln (1970/71-1976/77).

    League Cup Entrants

    On two occasions, Fairs' Cup entry was granted to the winners of the English League Cup: in 1966/67 to West Bromwich Albion and in 1968/69 to Leeds United. (However, Leeds United would have qualified for the 1968/69 Fairs' Cup anyway as holders.) Of these, Leeds reached the quarterfinals while West Brom were eliminated in round 3 (equivalent to the 1/8 Finals). The 1967 (Queen's Park Rangers) and 1969 (Swindon Town) League Cup winners were denied entry for 1967/68 and 1969/70 respectively, because they did not play at the English top level (as a matter of fact, both combined their League Cup win with promotion from Division Three to Division Two). The 1970 winners (Manchester City) also qualified for the Cup Winners' Cup (as holders, winning the 1969/70 edition) and entered that competition 1970/71. The exclusion of Swindon Town from the 1969/70 Fairs' Cup led to the creation of the Anglo-Italian Cup.

    The UEFA Cup tournament continued the tradition of offering entry to the English League Cup winners, and a handful of other countries (France, Hungary, Poland, Scotland and Spain) also had winners from secondary cup competitions entering the UEFA Cup at some point in time.

    Domestically Worst Winners

    The worst finish a Fairs' Cup winner ever achieved in their domestic league in their winning season was 12th, by Arsenal in 1969/70:

    English First Division 1969/70
          12.Arsenal            42 12 18 12  51-49 42
    In the same season, Manchester City set the corresponding record for the Cup Winners' Cup.

    Domestically Best Winners

    The only team to combine a Fairs' Cup with the national championship was Barcelona (Fairs' Cup 1958/60 and Spanish titles in 1958/59 and 1959/60); also Ferencváros (Fairs' Cup winners in 1964/65) won it as national champions (in the 1964 spring/fall season), but finished 2nd in the championship (1965 spring/fall season) going on when they won the Cup.

    Beating the Holders

    No club managed to eliminate the holders from the Fairs' Cup on more than one occasion.

    Most successful countries against the holders (within the Fairs' Cup itself):

       Belgium       2 eliminations (Anderlecht 1, Lierse 1)
       Scotland      2              (Dundee United 1, Hibernian 1)
    Note that Lierse eliminated Fairs' Cup holders Leeds United in the 1971/72 UEFA Cup, the successor tournament.

    No other country boasts more than one such elimination.

    Fairs' Cup Records

    Highest win in one leg:

    1965/66, 1st round: 1.FC Köln 13-0 US Luxembourg

    Highest aggregate win:

    1965/66, 1st round: 1.FC Köln 13-0 US Luxembourg
                        US Luxembourg 0-4 1.FC Köln
                 1.FC Köln win 17-0 on aggregate

    Most goals in game:

    1965/66, 1st round: 1.FC Köln 13-0 US Luxembourg, total 13 goals

    Most goals in tie:

    1960/61, 1st round: Internazionale 8-2 Hannover 96
                        Hannover 96 1-6 Internazionale
                 Internazionale win 14-3 on aggregate, total 17 goals
    1965/66, 1st round: 1.FC Köln 13-0 US Luxembourg
                        US Luxembourg 0-4 1.FC Köln
                 1.FC Köln win 17-0 on aggregate, total 17 goals
    1969/70, 2nd round: Anderlecht 6-1 Coleraine
                        Coleraine 3-7 Anderlecht
                 Anderlecht win 13-4 on aggregate, total 17 goals

    Final come-back:

    1969/70, final:     Anderlecht 3-1 Arsenal [after 3-0 at 81']
                        Arsenal 3-0 Anderlecht
                 Arsenal won 4-3 on aggregate

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