Malta - Player of the Year

Elected for the football season that ends on the year the award is given.
Official name is "Rothmans Player of the Year" award.

List of Winners

Year   Player (Club)             

1955   Lolly DEBATISTA (Floriana)
1956   Tony NICHOLL (Sliema Wanderers)
1957   Joe BONNICI (Sliema Wanderers)
1958   Joe CILIA (Valletta)
1959   Alfred VELLA JAMES (Floriana)
1960   Louis THEOBALD (Hibernians)
1961   Joe ZAMMIT (Valletta)
1962   Lolly BORG (Floriana)
1963   Edwin SCHEMBRI (Valletta)
1964   Joe CILIA (Valletta)
1965     Not Awarded
1966   Ronnie COCKS (Sliema Wanderers)
1967   Eddie THEOBALD (Hibernians) 
1968   Alfred DEBONO (Floriana)
1969   John PRIVITERA (Hibernians)
1970   Joe CINI (Sliema Wanderers)
1971   Eddie THEOBALD (Hibernians)
1972   Edward DARMANIN (Sliema Wanderers)
1973   Freddie DEBONO (Valletta)
1974   Willie VASSALLO (Floriana)
1975   Eddie VELLA (Valletta)
1976   John HOLLAND (Floriana)
1977   Raymond XUEREB (Floriana)
1978   John HOLLAND (Floriana)
1979   Guzi XUEREB (Hibernians)
1980   Norman BUTTIGIEG (Hibernians)
1981   Leli FABRI (Sliema Wanderers)
1982   Ernest SPITERI GONZI (Hibernians)
1983   Carmel BUSUTTIL (Rabat Ajax)
1984   Charles MUSCAT (Zurrieq)
1985   Leonard FARRUGIA (Valletta)
1986   Carmel BUSUTTIL (Rabat Ajax)
1987   Raymond VELLA (Hamrun Spartans)
1988   John BUTTIGIEG (Sliema Wanderers)  
1989   Charles SCERRI (Hibernians)
1990   Michael DEGIORGIO (Hamrun Spartans)
1991   Raymond VELLA (Hamrun Spartans)
1992   Nicholas SALIBA (Valletta) 
1993   Joe BRINCAT (Hamrun Spartans)
1994   Silvio VELLA (Rabat Ajax)
1995   Michael WOODS (Hibernians)
1996   Noel TURNER (Sliema Wanderers)
1997   Gilbert AGIUS (Valletta)
1998   Mario MUSCAT (Hibernians)
1999   Nicholas SALIBA (Valletta)
2000   Ernest BARRY (Sliema Wanderers)
2001   Gilbert AGIUS (Valletta)
2002   Adrian MIFSUD (Hibernians)
2003   Noel TURNER (Sliema Wanderers)
2004   Stefan GIGLIO (Sliema Wanderers)
2005   Andrew COHEN (Hibernians)
2006   Andrew COHEN (Hibernians)
2007   Gilbert AGIUS (Valletta)
2008   Kevin SAMMUT (Marsaxlokk)
2009   Clayton FAILLA (Hibernians)
2010   Shaun BAJADA (Birkirkara)
2011   Roderick BRIFFA (Valletta)
2012   Clayton FAILLA (Hibernians)
2013   Paul FENECH (Birkirkara)
2014   Ryan FENECH (Valletta)
2015   Andrew COHEN (Hibernians)
2016   Roderick BRIFFA (Valletta)
2017   Bjorn KRISTENSEN (Hibernians)
2018   Andrew COHEN (Gzira United)
2019   Andrei AGIUS (Hibernians)
2020   Steve BORG (Valletta)
2021   Matthew GUILLAUMIER (Hamrun Spartans)
2022   Jurgen DEGABRIELE (Hibernians)

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