"Onze Mondial" Awards

Since 1976, the French magazine "Onze Mondial" (originally Onze, changed name 1989) hands out awards at the end of the year. The readers select the "Onze de Onze" (an ideal team of the season) and among those players they choose the top-3 receiving, respectively, the Onze d'Or, Onze d'Argent and Onze de Bronze. Any player in a European league is eligible. In 2010 there was a modification. The award was moved from the end of the calendar year to the end of the season. Therefore after 2009, the next award was for the season 2010-2011. After a two-year interruption, the award returned in 2015 but for French players and coaches only. After another interruption, of one season, it was made into an international award again.

Since 1991, there also is an election for Coach of the Year; and at the 20-year anniversary of the magazine in 1995 a "Super Onze d'Or" was chosen among the winners of the Onze d'Or.

Onze d'Or

YEAR    ONZE D'OR                     ONZE D'ARGENT            ONZE DE BRONZE
1976    RENSENBRINK Robert            KEEGAN Kevin             ROCHETEAU Dominique
1977    KEEGAN Kevin                  PLATINI Michel           SIMONSEN Allan
1978    KEMPES Mario                  KRANKL Johann            RENSENBRINK Robert
1979    KEEGAN Kevin                  FRANCIS Trevor           RENSENBRINK Robert
1980    RUMMENIGGE Karl-Heinz         KEEGAN Kevin             HRUBESCH Horst
1981    RUMMENIGGE Karl-Heinz         BREITNER Paul            CEULEMANS Jan
1982    ROSSI Paolo                   GIRESSE Alain            FALCAO Paulo Roberto
1983    PLATINI Michel                FALCĂO Paulo Roberto     RUMMENIGGE Karl-Heinz
1984    PLATINI Michel                TIGANA Jean              ELKJĆR Preben
1985    PLATINI Michel                ELKJĆR Preben            MARADONA Diego
1986    MARADONA Diego                AMOROS Manuel            LINEKER Gary
1987    MARADONA Diego                VAN BASTEN Marco         TIGANA Jean
1988    VAN BASTEN Marco              GULLIT Ruud              MARADONA Diego
1989    VAN BASTEN Marco              GULLIT Ruud              PAPIN Jean-Pierre
1990    MATTHÄUS Lothar               SCHILLACI Salvatore      PAPIN Jean-Pierre
1991    PAPIN Jean-Pierre             WADDLE Chris             MATTHÄUS Lothar
1992    STOITCHKOV Hristo             VAN BASTEN Marco         PAPIN Jean-Pierre
1993    BAGGIO Roberto                BOKSIC Alen              ROMÁRIO da Souza Faria
1994    ROMÁRIO da Souza Faria        STOITCHKOV Hristo        BAGGIO Roberto
1995    WEAH George                   BAGGIO Roberto           MALDINI Paolo
1996    CANTONA Eric                  WEAH George              SAMMER Matthias
1997    RONALDO Nazario de Lima       ZIDANE Zinedine          SIMONE Marco
1998    ZIDANE Zinedine               BARTHEZ Fabien           PETIT Emmanuel
1999    RIVALDO Vitor Borba Ferreira  BECKHAM David            ZIDANE Zinedine
2000    ZIDANE Zinedine               FIGO Luis                HENRY Thierry
2001    ZIDANE Zinedine               OWEN Michael             PIRES Robert
2002    RONALDO Nazario de Lima       ZIDANE Zinédine          RONALDINHO Gaúcho           
2003    HENRY Thierry                 ZIDANE Zinédine          BECKHAM David          
2004    DROGBA Didier                 HENRY Thierry            RONALDINHO Gaúcho         
2005    RONALDINHO Gaúcho             GERRARD Steven           HENRY Thierry
2006    HENRY Thierry                 RONALDINHO Gaúcho        RIBÉRY Franck
2007    KAKÁ Ricardo dos Santos       RONALDO Cristiano        DROGBA Didier
2008    RONALDO Cristiano             MESSI Lionel             RIBÉRY Franck
2009    MESSI Lionel                  RONALDO Cristiano        INIESTA Andrés
2010-11 MESSI Lionel                  INIESTA Andrés           RONALDO Cristiano
2011-12 MESSI Lionel                  RONALDO Cristiano        FALCAO Radamel
2012-14   not awarded
2014-15 GRIEZMANN Antoine             POGBA Paul               LACAZETTE Alexandre  
2015-16   not awarded
2016-17 RONALDO Cristiano             MESSI Lionel             GRIEZMANN Antoine  
2017-18 MESSI Lionel                  SALAH Mohamed            RONALDO Cristiano
2018-19 MANÉ Sadio                    MESSI Lionel             MBAPPÉ Kylian                       
2019-20   not awarded
2020-21 BENZEMA Karim                 MESSI Lionel             LEWANDOWSKI Robert
2021-22 BENZEMA Karim                 MANÉ Sadio               LEWANDOWSKI Robert
2022-23 HAALAND Erling                BENZEMA Karim            MBAPPÉ Kylian    

All-time ranking by places
                                    1     2     3

Lionel Messi (Argentina)            4     4
Zinédine Zidane (France)            3     3     1
Michel Platini (France)             3     1  
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)        2     3     2    
Marco van Basten (Netherlands)      2     2      
Kevin Keegan (England)              2     2
Thierry Henry (France)              2     1     2
Diego Maradona (Argentina)          2           2
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Germany)     2           1
Ronaldo Nazario de Lima (Brazil)    2            
Karim Benzema (France)              2     1
Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Brazil)          1     1     2
Roberto Baggio (Italy)              1     1     1
Hristo Stoitchkov (Bulgaria)        1     1      
Sadio Mané (Senegal)                1     1
George Weah (Liberia)               1     1      
Jean-Pierre Papin (France)          1           3
Robby Rensenbrink (Netherlands)     1           2
Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)         1           1
Antoine Griezmann (France)          1           1    
Lothar Matthäus (Germany)           1           1
Romário da Souza Faria (Brazil)     1           1
Eric Cantona (France)               1            
Kaká Ricardo dos Santos (Brazil)    1            
Mario Kempes (Argentina)            1            
Rivaldo Vitor Borba Ferreira (Bra)  1
Paolo Rossi (Italy)                 1 
Erling Haaland (Norway)             1
Ruud Gullit (Netherlands)                 2      
David Beckham (England)                   1     1
Preben Elkjćr (Denmark)                   1     1
Paulo Falcăo (Brazil)                     1     1
Andrés Iniesta (Spain)                    1     1
Jean Tigana (France)                      1     1
Manuel Amoros (France)                    1      
Fabien Barthez (France)                   1            
Alen Boksic (Croatia)                     1      
Paul Breitner (Germany)                   1
Luis Figo (Portugal)                      1
Trevor Francis (England)                  1
Steven Gerrard (England)                  1
Alain Giresse (France)                    1      
Johann Krankl (Austria)                   1      
Michael Owen (England)                    1
Salvatore Schillaci (Italy)               1      
Chris Waddle (England)                    1 
Paul Pogba (France)                       1 
Mohamed Salah (Egypt)                     1    
Franck Ribéry (France)                          2
Robert Lewandowski (Poland)                     2
Kylian Mbappé (France)                          2
Jan Ceulemans (Belgium)                         1
Horst Hrubesch (Germany)                        1
Gary Lineker (England)                          1
Paolo Maldini (Italy)                           1
Emmanuel Petit (France)                         1
Robert Pires (France)                           1
Dominique Rocheteau (France)                    1
Matthias Sammer (Germany)                       1
Marco Simone (Italy)                            1
Allan Simonsen (Denmark)                        1
Radamel Falcao (Colombia)                       1
Alexandre Lacazette (France)                    1

Coach of the Year

YEAR     WINNER (Team - Country)
1991     Raymond GOETHALS (Olympique Marseille - Belgium)
1992     Johann CRUIJFF (F.C. Barcelona - Netherlands)
1993     Raymond GOETHALS (Olympique Marseille - Belgium)
1994     Johann CRUIJFF (F.C. Barcelona - Netherlands)
1995     Louis VAN GAAL (Ajax - Netherlands)
1996     Guy ROUX (Auxerre - France)
1997     Marcello LIPPI (Juventus - Italy)
1998     Aimé JACQUET (France National Team - France)
1999     Alex FERGUSON (Manchester United - Scotland)
2000     Arsčne WENGER (Arsenal - France)
2001     Gérard HOULLIER (Liverpool - France)
2002     Arsčne WENGER (Arsenal - France)
2003     Arsčne WENGER (Arsenal - France)
2004     Arsčne WENGER (Arsenal - France)
2005     José MOURINHO (Chelsea – Portugal)
2006     Frank RIJKAARD (F.C. Barcelona – Netherlands)
2007     Alex FERGUSON (Manchester United - Scotland)
2008     Alex FERGUSON (Manchester United - Scotland)
2009     Josep GUARDIOLA (F.C. Barcelona – Spain)
2010-11  Josep GUARDIOLA (F.C. Barcelona – Spain)
2011-12  Josep GUARDIOLA (F.C. Barcelona – Spain)
2012-14    not awarded
2014-15  FOURNIER Hubert (Olympique Lyon – France)
2015-16    not awarded
2016-17  ZIDANE Zinédine (Real Madrid – France)
2017-18  ZIDANE Zinédine (Real Madrid – France)
2018-19  KLOPP Jürgen (Liverpool – Germany)
2019-20    not awarded
2020-21  ZIDANE Zinédine (Real Madrid – France)
2021-22  ANCELOTTI Carlo (Real Madrid – Italy)

Super Onze d'Or 1976 - 1995 (top 5)

1. Michel PLATINI .............. 74 %
2. Marco VAN BASTEN ............ 10 %
3. Diego MARADONA ..............  5 %
4. Roberto BAGGIO ..............  4 %
5. ROMÁRIO da Souza Faria ......  3 %

Onze de Onze 1976-2011

Since 1976, the French magazine "Onze Mondial" (originally Onze, changed name
1989) hands out awards at the end of the year.  The readers select the
"Onze de Onze" (an ideal team of the season) and among those players they
choose the top-3 receiving, respectively, the Onze d'Or, Onze d'Argent
and Onze de Bronze (see above).  Any player in a European league is elegible.

1976 (4-3-3)
Ivan Curkovic (Yug) - Berti Vogts (Ger), Franz Beckenbauer (Ger), Oswaldo Piazza (Arg),
Ruud Krol (Hol) - Johan Neeskens (Hol), Hans-Josef Kapellmann (Ger), Kevin Keegan (Eng) –
Dominique Rocheteau (Fra), Gerd Müller (Ger), Robert Rensenbrink (Hol)
1977 (4-3-3)
Ray Clemence (Eng) - Berti Vogts (Ger), Marius Trésor (Fra), Oswaldo Piazza (Arg),
Bernhard Dietz (Ger) - Rainer Bonhof (Ger), Kevin Keegan (Eng), Michel Platini (Fra) –
Allan Simonsen (Den), Johan Cruyff (Hol), Robert Rensenbrink (Hol)
1978 (4-3-3)
Ronnie Hellstroem (Swe) - Claudio Gentile (Ita), Ernie Brandts (Hol), Ruud Krol (Hol),
Antonio Cabrini (Ita) - Johan Neeskens (Hol), Arie Haan (Hol), Mario Kempes (Arg) -
Johnny Rep (Hol), Hans Krankl (Aus), Robby Rensenbrink (Hol)
1979 (4-3-3)
Peter Shilton (Eng) - Viv Anderson (Ang), Ernie Brandts (Hol), Ruud Krol (Hol),
Maxime Bossis (Fra) - Arie Haan (Hol), Joăo Alves (Por), Kevin Keegan (Eng) -
Trevor Francis (Eng), Hans Krankl (Aut), Robby Rensenbrink (Hol)
1980 (4-3-3)
Peter Shilton (Eng) - Manfred Kaltz (Ger), Karl-Heinz Förster (Ger), Ruud Krol (Hol),
Maxime Bossis (Fra) - Hans-Peter Briegel (Ger), Liam Brady (Eir), Kevin Keegan (Eng) –
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Ger), Horst Hrubesch (Ger), Jan Ceulemans (Bel)
1981 (4-3-3)
Luis Arconada (Spa) - Manfred Kaltz (Ger), Luc Millecamps (Bel), Ruud Krol (Hol),
Maxime Bossis (Fra) - Frans Thijssen (Hol), Paul Breitner (Ger), Hansi Muller (Ger) -
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Ger), Kenny Dalglish (Sco), Jan Ceulemans (Bel)
1982 (4-4-2)
Dino Zoff (Ita) - Eric Gerets (Bel), Karl-Heinz Förster (Ger), Marius Trésor (Fra),
Antonio Cabrini (Ita) - Marco Tardelli (Ita), Paulo Roberto Falcăo (Bra), Alain Giresse (Fra),
Michel Platini (Fra) - Pierre Littbarski  (Ger), Paolo Rossi (Ita)
1983 (4-4-2)
Rinat Dasayev (USSR) - Eric Gerets (Bel), Karl-Heinz Förster (Ger), Maxime Bossis (Fra), 
Antonio Cabrini (Ita) - Søren Lerby (Den), Paulo Roberto Falcăo (Bra), 
Michel Platini (Fra), Alain Giresse (Fra) - Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Ger), Horst Hrubesch (Ger)
1984 (4-4-2)
Harald Schumacher (Ger) - Patrick Battiston (Fra), Karl-Heinz Förster (Ger), 
Maxime Bossis (Fra), Hans-Peter Briegel (Ger) - Jean Tigana (Fra), 
Paulo Roberto Falcăo (Bra), Michel Platini (Fra), Alain Giresse (Fra) -
Preben Elkjćr-Larsen (Den), Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Ger)
1985 (4-4-2)
Joël Bats (Fra) - Phil Neal (Eng), Karl-Heinz Förster (Ger), Maxime Bossis (Fra), 
Antonio Cabrini (Ita) - Hans-Peter Briegel (Ger), Jean Tigana (Fra), 
Michel Platini (Fra), Diego Maradona (Arg) - Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Ger), 
Preben Elkjćr-Larsen (Den)
1986 (4-4-2)
Joël Bats (Fra) - Thomas Berthold (Ger), Karl-Heinz Förster (Ger), 
Patrick Battiston (Fra), Manuel Amoros (Fra) - Luis Fernández (Fra), 
Jean Tigana (Fra), Diego Maradona (Arg), Michel Platini (Fra) - Gary Lineker (Eng),
Yannick Stopyra (Fra)
1987 (4-4-2)
Jean-Marie Pfaff (Bel) - Thomas Berthold (Ger), Oleg Kuznetsov (USSR), 
Julio César (Bra), Manuel Amoros (Fra) - Andreas Brehme (Ger), Jean Tigana (Fra), 
Diego Maradona (Arg), Ruud Gullit (Hol) - Marco van Basten (Hol), Gary Lineker (Eng)
1988 (4-4-2)
Rinat Dasayev (USSR) - Eric Gerets (Bel), Oleg Kuznetsov (USSR), Ronald Koeman (Hol), 
Manuel Amoros (Fra) - Frank Rijkaard (Hol), Lothar Matthäus (Ger), Ruud Gullit (Hol), 
Diego Maradona (Arg) - Marco van Basten (Hol), Gianluca Vialli (Ita)
1989 (4-4-2)
Joël Bats (Fra) - Giuseppe Bergomi (Ita), Manuel Sanchís (Esp), Carlos Mozer (Bra),
Paolo Maldini (Ita) - Frank Rijkaard (Hol), Lothar Matthäus (Ger), Ruud Gullit (Hol), 
Diego Maradona (Arg) - Marco van Basten (Hol), Jean-Pierre Papin (Fra)
1990 (4-4-2)
Bruno Martini (Fra) - Giuseppe Bergomi (Ita), Franco Baresi (Ita), Carlos Mozer (Bra), 
Andreas Brehme (Ger) - Frank Rijkaard (Hol), Thomas Hässler (Ger), Lothar Matthäus (Ger), 
Chris Waddle (Eng) - Salvatore Schillaci (Ita), Jean-Pierre Papin (Fra)
1991 (4-4-2)
Bruno Martini (Fra) - Giuseppe Bergomi (Ita), Laurent Blanc (Fra), Franco Baresi (Ita), 
Paolo Maldini (Ita) - Franck Sauzée (Fra), Robert Prosinecki (Yug), Chris Waddle (Eng), 
Lothar Matthäus (Ger) - Jean-Pierre Papin (Fra), Marco van Basten (Hol)
1992 (4-4-2)
Peter Schmeichel (Den) - Mauro Tassotti (Ita), Franco Baresi (Ita), Ronald Koeman (Hol), 
Paolo Maldini (Ita) - Didier Deschamps (Fra), Frank Rijkaard (Hol), Thomas Hässler (Ger), 
Brian Laudrup (Den) - Marco Van Basten (Hol), Hristo Stoichkov (Bul)
1993 (4-4-2)
Bernard Lama (Fra) - Mauro Tassotti (Ita), Basile Boli (Fra), Ronald Koeman (Hol), 
Paolo Maldini (Ita) - Didier Deschamps (Fra), Candido Valdo (Bra), Roberto Baggio (Ita), 
Enzo Scifo (Bel) - Alen Boksic (Cro), Romário (Bra)
1994 (4-4-2) 
Bernard Lama (Fra) - Jorginho (Bra), Ronald Koeman (Fra), Alain Roche (Fra), 
Paolo Maldini (Ita) - Marcel Desailly (Fra), Dino Baggio (Ita), Roberto Baggio (Ita), 
Gheorghe Hagi (Rom) - Romário (Bra), Hristo Stoichkov (Bul)
1995 (4-4-2)
Bernard Lama (Fra) - Christian Karembeu (Fra), Alain Roche (Fra), Frank Rijkaard (Hol), 
Paolo Maldini (Ita) - Marcel Desailly (Fra), Vincent Guérin (Fra), Roberto Baggio (Ita), 
Alessandro Del Piero (Ita) - George Weah (Lib), Dejan Savicevic (Yug)
1996 (4-4-2) 
Andreas Köpke (Ger) - Lilian Thuram (Fra), Matthias Sammer (Ger), Laurent Blanc (Fra), 
Paolo Maldini (Ita) - Didier Deschamps (Fra), Iordan Letchkov (Bul), 
Youri Djorkaeff (Fra), Zinedine Zidane (Fra) - George Weah (Lib), Eric Cantona (Fra)
1997 (4-4-2)
Fabien Barthez (Fra) - Lilian Thuram (Fra), Laurent Blanc (Fra), Jürgen Kohler (Ger), 
Roberto Carlos (Bra) - Didier Deschamps (Fra), Clarence Seedorf (Hol), 
Steve McManaman (Eng), Zinedine Zidane (Fra) - Ronaldo (Bra), Marco Simone (Ita)
1998 (4-4-2) 
Fabien Barthez (Fra) - Lilian Thuram (Fra), Laurent Blanc (Fra), Marcel Desailly (Fra), 
Roberto Carlos (Bra) - Emmanuel Petit (Fra), Edgar Davids (Hol), Zinedine Zidane (Fra), 
Rivaldo (Bra) - Michael Owen (Eng), Ronaldo (Bra)
1999 (4-4-2)
Fabien Barthez (Fra) - Lilian Thuram (Fra), Jaap Stam (Hol), Marcel Desailly (Fra), 
Roberto Carlos (Bra) - Edgar Davids (Hol), Johan Micoud (Fra), David Beckham (Eng), 
Rivaldo (Bra) - Christian Vieri (Ita), Gabriel Batistuta (Arg)
2000 (4-4-2)
Fabien Barthez (Fra) - Lilian Thuram (Fra), Laurent Blanc (Fra), Marcel Desailly (Fra), 
Roberto Carlos (Bra) - Edgar Davids (Hol), Gaizka Mendieta (Spa), Zinedine Zidane (Fra), 
Luis Figo (Por) - Nicolas Anelka (Fra), Thierry Henry (Fra)
2001 (4-4-2)
Fabien Barthez (Fra) - Lilian Thuram (Fra), Marcel Desailly (Fra), 
Alessandro Nesta (Ita), Roberto Carlos (Bra) - Patrick Vieira (Fra), 
Gaizka Mendieta (Spa), Zinedine Zidane (Fra), Luis Figo (Por) -
Thierry Henry (Fra), Michael Owen (Eng)

2002 (4-4-2)

Oliver Kahn (Ger) - Cafu (Bra), Alessandro Nesta (Ita), Philippe Mexčs (Fra), 
Roberto Carlos (Bra) - Patrick Vieira (Fra), Luis Figo (Por), Zinedine Zidane 
(Fra), Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Bra) - Ronaldo (Bra), Thierry Henry (Fra)

2003 (4-4-2)
Gianluigi Buffon (Ita) - Lilian Thuram (Fra), Alessandro Nesta (Ita), Paolo Maldini (Ita), 
Roberto Carlos (Bra) - Patrick Vieira (Fra), Claude Makelélé (Fra), David Beckham (Eng), 
Zinedine Zidane (Fra) - Ronaldo (Bra), Thierry Henry (Fra)

2004 (4-4-2)
Petr Cech (Cze) – Cafu (Bra), Alessandro Nesta (Ita), Sol Campbell (Eng),
Patrice Evra (Fra) – Patrick Vieira (Fra), Maniche Ribeiro (Por), Ludovic Giuly (Fra),
Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Bra) – Didier Drogba (IvC), Thierry Henry (Fra)

2005 (4-4-2)

Grégory Coupet (Fra) – Willy Sagnol (Fra), John Terry (Eng), Cris (Fra), 
Roberto Carlos (Bra) – Michael Essien (Gha), Patrick Vieira (Fra), Frank Lampard (Eng), 
Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Bra) – Samuel Eto’o (Cam), Thierry Henry (Fra)

2006 (4-4-2)

Gianluigi Buffon (Ita) - Willy Sagnol (Fra), Lilian Thuram (Fra), Fabio Cannavaro (Ita)
Eric Abidal (Fra) – Patrick Vieira (Fra), Andrea Pirlo (Ita), Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Bra),
Zinedine Zidane (Fra) - Samuel Eto’o (Cam), Thierry Henry (Fra)

2007 (4-4-2)

Grégory Coupet (Fra) – Sergio Ramos (Spa), John Terry (Eng), William Gallas (Fra), 
Eric Abidal (Fra) – Andrea Pirlo (Ita), Gennaro Gattuso (Ita), Ricardo dos Santos Kaká (Ita),
Franck Ribéry (Fra) – Cristiano Ronaldo (Por), Didier Drogba (IvC)

2008 (4-4-2)

Iker Casillas (Spa) – Sergio Ramos (Spa), John Terry (Eng), Carles Puyol (Spa)
Patrice Evra (Fra) – Michael Essien (Gha), Marcos Senna (Spa), Cristiano Ronaldo (Por),
Franck Ribéry (Fra) – Lionel Messi (Arg), Fernando Torres (Spa)

2009 (4-4-2)
Iker Casillas (Spa) – Dani Alves (Bra), John Terry (Eng), Carles Puyol (Spa),
Patrice Evra (Fra) – Lassana Diarra (Fra), Michael Essien (Gha), Andrés Iniesta (Spa), 
Xavi Hernández (Spa) – Lionel Messi (Arg), Cristiano Ronaldo (Por)
2010-11 (4-4-2)
Iker Casillas (Spa) – Dani Alves (Bra), Carles Puyol (Spa), Gerard Piqué (Spa),
Eric Abidal (Fra) – Xabi Alonso (Spa), Sergio Busquets (Spa), Andrés Iniesta (Spa), 
Xavi Hernández (Spa) – Lionel Messi (Arg), Cristiano Ronaldo (Por)


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