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Nadi Al-Shurta Al-Riyadhi Coaches
Madaris Al-Shurta (Police Schools)
Founded: 1932

From the early Fifties, the team combined with another Police team Quwa Al-Siyar
(Mobile Force) to play in the Baghdad League as Montakhab Al-Shurta (or Police team),
this lasted until 1960 when the Police Games Committee was formed and separate
Police teams played in the Baghdad League. Quwa Al-Siyar had initally played in the
name of Montakhab Al-Shurta in the Iraq FA's inaugral league season in 1948-1949, but
reverted to its original name after Madaris Al-Shurta re-entered the Baghdad League
the following season.  Also confusing was in the Sixties, a Police select team made
up of players from Madaris Al-Shurta, Aliyat Al-Shurta and Quwa Al-Siyar was formed
to play in the Republics Cup and took part in matches against visiting foreign teams.
Al-Shurta Sports Club (founded in 1974) has the year 1932 on its club badge however
the Madaris Al-Shurta and Nadi Al-Shurta are different teams. Prior to 2007,
Nadi Al-Shurta administration had no club badge on their team jerseys and the
current badge with the year 1932 was only introduced from the start of the 2012-2013
season and previously Nadi Al-Shurta had been declared by the Iraq FA to have been
formed in 1978 (the year registered with the Ministry of Youth), however this was
never displayed on their club badge. With a change in law in 1966, the police cadets
came under a college system with the Police College taking over from the old Police
School, its football team folded and the Kuliya Al-Shurta side was formed.

List of Coaches/Sports Officers

Mudhafar Ahmed                1932-1935
Mohammed Saeed Wasif          1935-1950
Mohammed Hussein              1950-1951
Fahmi Al-Qaimaqchi            1951-1955
Sabir Latif                   1955-1956
Fadhil Al-Samarrai            1956-1957
Ahmed Abdul-Razzaq            1957-1958
Amir Ahmed                    1958
Dennis Nasrawi (Palestine)    1958
Amir Ahmed                    1958-1959
Aziz Hamoudi                  1959-1960
Fahmi Al-Qaimaqchi            1960-1966 

Aliyat Al-Shurta (Police Machinery)
Founded: 1961 (registered as a sports club in 1989)
Situated: Baghdad
Team Colours: All-Black (1961-1964), Violet shirts/White shorts (1964-1975)

The team's license to participate in the new Iraqi League was annulled, as it was
not registered as a sports club. Aliyat Al-Shurta played in Baghdad's Police
competitions from the late 70s and was almost abolished in 2011 by the Baghdad
Police department but were given a reprieve after a public outcry. The club was
registered as a sports club in 1989 and entered the Iraqi League. There has been
widely claimed the team were disbanded or dissolved in 1975, however ten of Aliyat's
best players joined the newly formed Al-Shurta (Police) Club and Aliyat Al-Shurta
continued to participate in competitions outside of the Iraqi League.

List of Coaches

Mohammed Najib Kaban          1961-1973
Shaker Ismail                 1973-1974
Hassan Allawi                 1988-1990
Atta Hassan                   2017-2018
Kadhim Yousef                 2018-2019
Mustafa Mahmoud               2019-2020
Shurta Al-Najda (Police Rescue)
Founded: 1960 (founded as a sports club in 2005)

Faiq Muhiddin                 1967-1969
Abdul-Kadir Zeinal            1969-1973
Abdul-Kadir Abdul-Nabhi       1973
Abdul-Kadir Zeinal            1973-1975
Adil Mohammed                 1975-1977 

Kuliya Al-Shurta (Police College)
Founded: 1966

Aziz Hamoudi                  1966-1967
Tariq Hussein                 1967-1968
Shakib Abdul-Wahab            1968-1970
Younis Hussein                1970-1974
Falah Mohammed                1974-1976
Ghanim Abdul-Hamed            1980-1981
Fanous Al-Assadi              1984-1985 

Shurtat Al-Murour (Traffic Police)
Founded: 1960

Majid Al-Salihi               1960-1961
Ghani Al-Jubouri              1966
Thamir Abdullah               1970-1974
Munthir Al-Waadh              1974-1981 

Nadi Al-Shurta Al-Riyadhi Coaches

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