Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, appearing together in national football teams

There follow details of all known cases of a father and his son(s), or a mother and her daughter(s), appearing together in a national football team in an international match.

There may have been other such cases which have not yet been re-discovered.

Further information is welcomed by the author (nfm24(AT)cantab.net) - any potential additional cases should preferably be evidenced.

  • Father and son(s)
  • Mother and daughter(s)

  • Father and son(s)

    The Fosters of Barbados, 1931 and 1933

       Player                          Relation   Birth date    Matches
       Arthur Reynold 'Kelly' Foster   Father     14-Dec-1890   1 to 6 inclusive
       Arthur Colin Foster             Son        25-Nov-1910   1 to 6 inclusive
       Lindsay Reynold (Reyn) Foster   Son        26-Oct-1912   6 only
    #  Date         Venue              Match
    1  12-Feb-1931  Bridgetown         Barbados        2-1  Martinique
    2  13-Feb-1931  Bridgetown         Barbados        3-2  Martinique
    3  16-Mar-1931  Georgetown         Trinidad        5-1  Barbados
    4  20-Mar-1931  Georgetown         British Guiana  7-0  Barbados
    5  26-Oct-1933  Port of Spain      British Guiana  2-0  Barbados
    6   6-Nov-1933  Port of Spain      Trinidad        6-0  Barbados
    Note: in matches 5 and 6, 'Kelly' Foster's two nephews Seymour & Leon Foster were also in the Barbados lineup.
    Standing (L to R): H.C. Weekes (Spartan), Reyn Foster (Rovers), R. Blackman (Spartan), H.L. Thomas (Rovers), C.B. Stuart (Spartan), Colin Foster (Rovers), A. Barrow, H. Horton (referee), K.McIntosh (St Ambrose), H.McD. Forde (Harrison College). Sitting (L to R): J.L. Parris (Spartan), J.E.D. Sealy (Spartan), Seymour Foster (vice-captain, Rovers), Arthur 'Kelly' Foster (captain, Rovers), J.C.V. Bellamy (player-manager, Wanderers), Leon Foster (Rovers), R. Mayers (Rovers), L.A. Smith (Rovers). Not in picture: G.A. Ashby (Spartan) Notes: 'Kelly' Foster was also the Secretary and later the President of the Barbados A.F.A. He administrated several other sports in Barbados, especially boxing, athletics, and water polo, and he was awarded the M.B.E. in 1951 for his services to sport. In addition to the those named in the 1933 team, two more of his sons (Mike Foster and John Foster) and another nephew (Lisle Foster) played for Barbados later during the 1930s and 1940s.

    The Guðjohnsens of Iceland, 1996

       Player                       Relation   Birth date
       Arnór Guðjohnsen             Father     30-Apr-1961
       Eiður Smári Guðjohnsen       Son        15-Sep-1978
       Date         Venue           Match
       24-Apr-1996  Tallinn         Estonia  0-3  Iceland
    Note: strictly speaking, the two men did not play together on the field, but they did both participate
          in the same match; Eiður entered the field as a substitute for his father Arnór after 62 minutes.
          It was planned that they would play together in Iceland's next home match, but unfortunately Eiður sustained
          an injury which ruled him out for several months.  By the time he was fit again, his father had retired.
    Left: warmup before the match. Right: the moment when Arnór leaves the field to be substituted by his son Eiður.

    Mother and daughter(s)

    The Halabys of the Northern Mariana Islands, 2007

       Player                    Relation   Birth date
       Dr Irma L.M. Halaby       Mother     1960s 
       Melissa R. Halaby         Daughter   22-Jul-1990
       Date         Venue        Match
        1-Apr-2007  Dededo       Guam  7-0  Northern Mariana Islands
    Note: another daughter (Rima Halaby) was a member of the N.M.I. national team in 2008.
    Before the match in 2007 (Guam in blue shirts, N.M.I. in white shirts).

    The Herreras of American Samoa, 2007

       Player                     Relation   Birth date
       Sandra Fruean Herrera      Mother     23-Aug-1968
       Ivette Herrera             Daughter   20-Sep-1988
       Date         Venue         Match
       25-Aug-2007  Apia          Papua New Guinea  6-0  American Samoa
       28-Aug-2007  Apia          Cook Islands      1-1  American Samoa
        1-Sep-2007  Apia          Solomon Islands   3-0  American Samoa
    The American Samoa team celebrating their first point after the match against the Cook Islands.

    The Klaksteins of the Faroe Islands, 2012 and 2013

       Player                     Relation   Birth date
       Bára Skaale Klakstein      Mother     24-Mar-1973
       Eyðvør Klakstein           Daughter    5-Sep-1995
       Date         Venue         Match
       28-Nov-2012  Niederkorn    Luxembourg  0-6  Faroe Islands
        4-Apr-2013  Vilnius       Montenegro  3-3  Faroe Islands
        6-Apr-2013  Vilnius       Lithuania   0-1  Faroe Islands
        9-Apr-2013  Vilnius       Georgia     1-2  Faroe Islands
    Left: before the match vs Luxembourg (18 Eyðvør Klakstein, 17 Bára Skaale Klakstein). Right: The Faroe Islands team celebrating after their win vs Georgia. For the first time the team had qualified for the next round of the World Cup preliminaries. Upper row (L to R): 18 Laila Pætursdóttir, 1 Nina Davidsen, 7 Rakul M. Johannesen, 13 Íðunn Magnussen, 2 Maria K. Thomsen, 15 Doris í Garði Olafsdóttir, 11 Ansy Sevdal, 12 Liljan av Fløtum Petersen, 14 Oddrún Danielsen, 16 Randi S. Wardum, 17 Olga Kristina Hansen Lower row (L to R): 9 Rannvá B. Andreasen, 4 Lív Arge, 5 Bára Skaale Klakstein, 8 Malena Josephsen, 10 Heidi Sevdal, 6 Eyðvør Klakstein, 3 Fríðrún Danielsen.

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