From: Riffster 
Subject: All-Whine Squad
Date: 05 March 2002 01:08

John Knapp's reply to Benny's Serie A review got me
to thinking - who are the whiniest players/managers/
management in soccer?

I really only follow Serie A with the seriousness needed
to complete such an august effort such as this so I will
leave Whine-o-meter (tm) judgements of other leagues
to the likes of Maijin, Tim, and Benny (all whom know
a good bottle of Whine when they see it.....)

Team is a 4-2-4 - a rather archaic formation but I think
it is due to the fact that midfielders run a lot more and
are thus too much out of breath to whine very much....

and now the bagpipes (what else to simulate a whine????)

Sebastien Frey, goal, Parma (the French know their whine)

Marc Iuliano, defender, Juventus (a sneaky whiner)
Fernando Couto, defender, Lazio (a sneaky, dirty whiner)
Sinisa Mihajlovic, defender, Lazio (a sneaky, dirty whiner)
Fabio Galante, defender, Torino (not so sneaky, but dirty)

Francesco Totti, midfield, Roma (up-front whiner)
Pavel Nedved, midfield, Juventus (consistent whiner)

Marco Ferrante, forward, Torino (a big-game whiner)
Andriy Shevchenko, forward, Milan (a small-game whiner)
Antonio Cassano, forward, Roma (promising young whiner)
Alvaro Recoba, forward, Inter (creative whiner)

(too bad Signori is only now returning to play --
otherwise he wins this hands down -- one of the
great whiners in Serie A history. Can whine with
the all-time greats.)

Manager many to pick from.....tough category.......
so I have to give several awards here
but I think in the end the *best all-around* whiner is.............

Fabio Capello, Roma

most *insistent* whiner.......

Sergio Cosmi, Perugia

most *insane* whiner........

Sergio Cosmi, Perugia

best *newcomer* whiner......

Luigi del Neri, Chievo Verona

Management - so many to pick from here it is
almost impossible. But I feel I have to give a
lifetime achievement award to Galliani of Milan.
Truly a whiner beyond the call of duty.

But Sensi of Roma is not far behind in the whining
derby. It could come down to a playoff between
these two - it's that close.

- Riff "Whiniest RSSer? Sniffster, er Riffster...." Ster

From: Marcos Schieda 
Subject: Re: All-Whine Squad
Date: 06 March 2002 10:00

My Primera A Team:

Juan Carlos Olave (Belgrano) - A whiner since his debut against Boca 1
or 2 years ago. Comizzo reaches the second place.

Sebastián Pena (Argentinos) - Another whiner. He never commits fouls.
But oddly, he's always ejected.
Sebastián Morquio (Huracán) - Another whiner, but one of those that
like to be a macho inside the field, asking for fouls and yellow cards
constantly, and arguing with linemen.
Fernando Moner (Huracán) - A Morquio clone (Or probably, Morquio is a
Moner clone, as Moner is older). Both are bald, both are defenders,
both play in Huracan, both are whiners.
Claudio Úbeda (Racing) - Another
"I'm-right-all-the-time-because-I-say-so" guy.

Gustavo Barros Schelotto (Racing) - A classy whiner, luckily he
doesn't have his twin brother around to bother people.
Gerardo Bedoya (Racing) - A whiner that usually is ejected because of
his bad temper.

Alberto Acosta (San Lorenzo) - A traditional diver. There isn't any
ref that believes in his dives anymore, so he reacts badly.
Cristian Castillo (Colón) - A lazy whiner. He doesn't run much, so
he's in offside very frequently, and as arguing is free, he discusses
with linemen.
Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Boca) - See Gustavo. I think Guillermo is
worse, though.
Maximiliano Estévez (Racing) - A moody whiner. When he's winning, he's
happy, he tries to do fancy plays, and everything is alright. But when
he's losing, he can't stand it, argues every call and hits members of
the other squad.

Ramón Díaz (River), who thinks that there is a conspiracy against him.

Marcos Schieda.