From: Doan Nguyen 
Subject: Re: What is the worst soccer match you ever saw
Date: 13/10/2001

Yes, good idea...I would reply to the original thread...but the news
server has gone all temperamental.

It was whilst studying at Sussex Uni, when I was still a young scallywag
without a care in the world. Some friends and I decided to do our bit
for the precarious finances of Brighton and Hove Albion and grace the
ground with our presence. The saturday morning did not start well,
although waking up in my own bed is always a good sign....and the
massive stinking hangover was partly my fault. Now a heavy night of pubs
and club will usually exact it's toll the next day, however I didn't
expect the aches and bruises and gash on my palm.

Whilst everyone else was feeling not too bad, I felt terrible. Parking
the car and walking towards the ground in the cold fresh air only made
it worse. A stop-off at the pub nearest the ground before the match was
welcomed by all. One or two pints to numb us to the bitter cold was a
good idea we felt. We should have either stayed there, or at least drunk
5 pints to numb us to the match...however hindsight is something
everyone wishes they possessed.

Now the match, it started off poorly, got worse, degenerated to dire and
woeful and it was all downhill from there. Half-time was a welcome
relief and not just because we had to relieve ourselves. Time flies when
you're having after 3 mins the 2nd-half was upon us. As we
watched the ping-pong match continue, with the ball back and forth
across the half-way line and the full-bloodied commitment of a 3rd
division match I was wishing that I also could run around aimlessly as
at least that would keep me warm. The match dragged on like this and two
years later the ref finally blew his whistle.

The score was irrelevant and has been lost in the mists of time, I just
hope never to endure that agony again. The human rights brigade should
have been calling for the match to be abandoned on humanitarian grounds.