From: Zlata Militaru
Date: 17/04/2000
Subject: A Modest Proposal

As this ng has an increasing number of posts, most of which have nothing to
do with soccer, I am proposing the formation of a new newsgroup.

I call it: ""

it is 'recreational' (hence the "rec") because the people in it have no
lives, and this is all they do for fun, so it serves as their main form of

it is a sport because these guys (ever notice how it's only guys?) have taken
this little "competition" to a new level.

"slav" is in there well, because, these recent threads seem to consist mainly
of slavs. think what you will of that.

"flame" speaks for itself, I believe.

This is a brilliant idea, don't you think? When people want to talk soccer,
they can come here to RSS. But sometimes our Slavic friends have a bunch of
inner angst and rage they need to release. Perhaps this is because they are
not getting any sex. At any rate, when they feel that they need to unleash
their inner thirteenth century peasant, they can post onto this newsgroup,
and when they want to make a reasonable soccer-related post (perhaps after a
couple of doses of Midol), they can come back here and say something
productive. This new ng certainly doesn't have to be limited to Slavs - au
contraire! anyone looking to talk about YUGO- SLAVES or the Ustasha should
definitely post as well! The more the merrier, that is my motto.

As other flamewars spring up, more such ngs could be added. SOmeone suggested
a Russian/Nazi one. I, personally, am all for it.  Anything to further self-
expression, while at the same time, not annoying the hell out of everyone
else in the vicinity. Especially me. Think of it as a win-win situation. We
win by getting a better soccer ng, and all those Slavic flamers out there get
to rant all day long without worry of someone pointing out the fact that no
one east for the danube or west of the adriatic gives two shits.

Zlata - "an island of Latin culture in a sea of Slavic barbarism"

Seriously: Darko, Zhivan, you guys are great (hey Zhivan, I played flanker
this season!), but y'all need to chill the hell out. And as for Ivan Petrovic
- I bet he and Marjanovic party together. IGNORE THEM. PLEASE! I BEG YOU ALL!