Subject: RSSSF Oldboys

From: Karel Stokkermans 
Subject: Re: r.s.s lineup :)
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 15:48:55 +0200

[various lineups for an Americas vs. Europe rss match]
Dustin Christmann  
> Here's the Americas lineup:
> 	Mazzarelli	C. Morris*
If you take Colin Morris, I think Europe is entitled to the old Italian 
trick and take Mazzarelli, who has a Swiss cousin after all ;-).  Rogelio
Adobbati is another candidate.
> Hamilton		Herrin**		Purcell
> 	Christmann	Irineu	
> Vormelker		Eugene		McCall
> 		Brand>
> Subs: Pearson, O. Tse, Ferra, Dure, Scott** 
No Marcelo Weinberger?  I don't think that's a wise omission. 

Chris Applegate :
> Europe's finest: 
> 	 	Johnston	
> 	Applegate      Benny
> Norton				Garzia
> 	Nice	      Stokkermans
> FB				Anderson	
> 	Reynolds
> 			Bonetto 
> Subs: ? (Volunteers wanted) 
> I predict a win of 2-1. Our Portugese-style 4-4-2 (which alternates into
> 2-4-3-1) would dominate the Americans.

Rubbish.  This team will be more riddled with internal strife than any
Dutch national side ever was.  I'd be surprised if we'd manage to keep
the Americas out of double figures with this kind of line-up.  I'm supposed
to cooperate with Nice in midfield?  You're dreaming.  

Before any disasters happen, I think I'm going to pull out of this team,
and start an RSS Old Boys side or so. Let's see, how would that look:

In goal, why, an experienced Italian veteran, of course.  None other than
Loris Magnani, secure and reliable.

At the back, on the left, none other than Gustaaf van Moorsel.  Not only 
does he come from the same origins as the unforgettable Adri van Tiggelen,
but with his uncompromising attitude he won't let any nonsense get past.

For much the same reasons, Marcelo Weinberger at right back.  

I'll take a role in central defense for myself, perhaps along with Garry Archer, 
who has the additional bonus of being able to bring play forward from deep back.

In midfield, Thomas Esamie would be useful in coordinating play between
these players from all over the world, whereas anyone who manages to keep
posting hundreds of lines on 1.FC Kaiserslautern on a weekly basis would
be an indefatigable runner: Alexander Lutz to do the dirty work.

Up front, we first of all need a cool killer in front of goal, Jesper
Lauridsen seems the obvious choice.  

I'd also like to include Ariel, but there are doubts on how he'd cooperate 
with Jesper and he's claimed by the Americas already, so I'm afraid I'll have 
to leave him out, with bleeding heart though. 

Instead, Christopher Allen is an easy choice, sure to prevent any shootouts, 
and I think I'm going to claim Colin Morris as well.  He'd only be a liability 
playing for the Americas, trust me.  

That leaves one position, and plenty of great players left.  Stephen Halchuk 
would be just the man to shock a few opponents.  That leaves quite a few 
experienced but currently not very active players for the bench, they are 
free to pick themselves ;). So we get:

Weinberger     Archer   Stokkermans   Van Moorsel
            Esamie                  Lutz  
Halchuk        Morris             Allen         Lauridsen

I'm rather sure this team, though somewhat aging, is still good enough
to butcher both of the continental sides above.