From marcelo@hplms1.hpl.hp.com (Marcelo Weinberger)
Subject: C.A. Pen~arol, 102 years
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1993 21:34:26 GMT

        September 28, 1891 - September 28, 1993

        Club Atletico Pen~arol, 102 years of glory

Today is the one hundred and second aniversary of the big among the
biggest. Founded by English railway workers in Montevideo, Uruguay,
under the name of Central Uruguayan Railway Cricket Club (CURCC), it
changed its name 20 years later to Pen~arol, after the name of the
neighborhood where the railway repair factories were located. The
neighborhood itself is named after the Italian town Pignarolo, from
where its first settlers came.

The list of championships and cups won by Pen~arol would be too long
to detail. I will only mention its 5 Libertadores Cups (1960, 61, 66,
82, and 87), its 3 Intercontinental Cups (1961, 66, and 82), and its 5
consecutive national league championships (1958-1962, "el quinquenio").
Its gold and black jerseys were worn by names like:

Jose Piendibene ("El Maestro"), Angel P. Anselmo, in the twenties;
Lorenzo Fernandez, Severino Varela ("La boina fantasma") in the thirties;
Obdulio Varela ("El Negro Jefe"), Roque G. Maspoli, in the fourties;
Juan A. Schiaffino, Juan E. Hohberg, Oscar O. Miguez, Julio C. Abbadie,
Alcides E. Gigghia, in the fifties;
Pedro Rocha, Alberto Spencer, Nestor Goncalvez, Ladislao Mazurkiewicz,
Jose "Pepe" Sasia, in the sixties;
Fernando Morena, Ruben Paz, Venancio Ramos in the seventies and eighties
among many others.

Nowadays, Pen~arol is trying to recover from the worst period of its
history. Its last league championship was in 1986, the last big
tournament it won was the 1987 Libertadores Cup, and in the last 5 years
it has not qualified for this Cup. The line-up is a blend of experienced
players who are back from their European careers (Pablo Bengoechea,
Nelson Gutierrez, Jose Perdomo) and promising but still less known young
players (Reherman, Rabajda, Dorta).

Tomorrow Pen~arol is playing Botafogo in the final game of the
CONMEBOL Cup at Maracana after a 1-1 draw in Montevideo, and who knows,
it may celebrate its aniversary with a victory.
   So once again we say:


["Pen~arol, you'll be eternal like time and you'll flower each spring" -
 in the Southern hemisphere, spring begins on 9/21.]

--Marcelo Weinberger