Call For Votes - Player of the Year 2005

Overview of previous votes 1992-2004.

The vote for the fourteenth annual REC.SPORT.SOCCER PLAYER OF THE YEAR
is over.

The contents of this article:
  1. Previous Winners.
  2. Rules and Voting Form.
  3. Changes w.r.t. Previous Votes.
  4. Eligible Players.
  5. Registered Valid Votes.
  6. Results.


   1992:     MARCO VAN BASTEN, Milan AC, The Netherlands
   1993:     ROBERTO BAGGIO, Juventus FC, Italy
   1994:     ROMÁRIO, CR Flamengo, Brazil
   1995:     GEORGE WEAH, Milan AC, Liberia
   1996:     RONALDO, FC Barcelona, Brazil
   1997:     RONALDO, FC Internazionale, Brazil
   1998:     ZINEDINE ZIDANE, Juventus FC, France
   1999:     RIVALDO, FC Barcelona, Brazil
   2000:     LUIS FIGO, Real Madrid CF, Portugal
   2001:     MICHAEL OWEN, Liverpool FC, England
   2002:     RONALDO, Real Madrid CF, Brazil
   2003:     PAVEL NEDVED, Juventus FC, Czech Republic
   2004:     RONALDINHO, FC Barcelona, Brazil


   The rules of the Rec.Sport.Soccer Player Of the Year vote are a
modification of the rules used by France Football for their Player of
the Year award.

   1. All valid votes have to submitted between the 1st of February at
      00:00 CET (Central European Time) and the 28th of February at
      midnight CET.

   2. The vote, held each year, represents the calendar year which just
      ended at the time of the vote.

   3. Eligibility for the 2005 vote is determined by the vote committee.
      A full list of eligible players as well as the criteria used to
      select them can be found below.

For voting, use the form below and send it in one e-mail to James
Allnutt (  Complete the form by filling
in any 5 of the eligible players listed under item 4 below in order;
also add your name, e-mail address, country of birth, country of
residence and voting eligibility. Any additional comments can be added
below the vote but may be ignored.  Incomplete forms are invalid. You
can assist in making compilation of the vote easier by cutting and
pasting the actual player names from the list below into the form - then
there is no doubt regarding who you are voting for.

---------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------


E-mail address:
Country of residence:
Country of birth:
Voting eligibility:


Additional comments (optional):

NB: send this form to
     between February 1, 0.00 CET and February 28, 24.00 CET.

---------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------

      You should receive notification of a successful vote within
      48 hours (barring mail server problems).  You may vote only
      once; any second vote will be ignored.  Votes listing ineligible
      players will be rejected; you will be notified of rejection
      at the first time of submitting an invalid vote, but not at
      any later attempts.


Due to the concerted attempts in the recent votes of promoting
relatively unknown players of a certain club or country, restrictions on
eligibility of players for the vote were introduced for the 2003 vote.

Only players from the list below will be eligible for voting.  Note that
the list is pretty long (107 names) and the top-5 players of any serious
choice should definitely be among it, as we have made the criteria for
eligibility (see below) pretty wide.  The list of criteria below is
similar to that used last time, but may be amended for later votes.
Serious suggestions on this are welcome but will have no effect for
the 2005 vote.

As for the 2004 vote, we have added an further check for the 2005 vote 
to assist in determining the eligibility of voters.  There are four 
types of eligibility.

A: Members of RSSSF
B: Past voters for the RSS POY
C: Contributors to the USENET newsgroup Rec.Sport.Soccer or the RSSSF
D: All other persons

The organisers do not wish to limit the ability of interested persons to
contribute their honest opinion to the vote.  However, as noted in
previous years, this vote is organised for the readers of the USENET
newsgroup Rec.Sport.Soccer and the visitors to the RSSSF website.  It is
NOT aimed at the general public.  The voter eligibility criteria
attempts to ensure this occurs.

Voters in the first three categories will be accepted fairly readily
once sensible checks have been made.  Some advice on how to ensure your
vote is included is included below.

Category A: Including your name will be sufficient.  For example, Karel
Stokkermans' vote would be included under this criteria.

Category B: Including another (preferably most recent) year that you
voted (and using the same name you used then in your entry) allows us to
check your eligibility and limit multiple votes.  For example, Mike Winter 
(first voter in 2004 POY vote) would be eligible under this criteria.

Category C: Including your email address (or equivalent) will allow us
to check whether you do contribute to the newsgroup or website.  For
example, Ben Smith would be eligible under this criteria - and it should
allow people who haven't voted before to contribute.

Category D: All other persons.  Anybody else may contribute.  However,
the organisers reserve the right to exclude votes if, in our opinion,
there has been an attempt to bias the vote in a way that defeats the
spirit of the vote.  It is our hope that this does not occur, and that
all otherwise eligible votes will be included.  Last year this category 
included a variety of persons from professional football journalists 
to members of the public.

Eligibility Criteria

All players fulfilling at least one of the conditions listed below
are eligible for the 2005 vote:

  1) Topscorer(s) (Golden Boot) and MVPs of each continental
     championship played in 2005: Concacaf

  2) Players that scored at least 1 point in France's Football Ballon

  3) Players that scored at least 1 point in FIFA's POY poll

  4) Top 10 from World Soccer Player of the Year

  5) Top 10 from El Pais, South America POY + players nominated on the
     "2005 XI" not ranked among top 10

  6) Onze-Mondial "XI of the Year"

  7) Bravo Award Winner

  8) IFFHS: Goalkeeper of the Year 2005, World's Top Goalscorer ("A"
     games + continental/intercontinental club competitions), World's
     Best Top Division Goalscorer

  9) UEFA MVPs (general and by field position) of the 2004/05 season
     club competitions)

 10) Copa Libertadores 2005 - MVP

 11) Nominees for Asian POY 2005 (total of 10)

 12) Nominees for African POY 2005 (total of 5)

 13) ESM Golden Boot Winner

 14) Players from ESM-XI for the calendar year 2005 (Jan-Dec)

 15) Women Players: top 5 from FIFA's POY poll

 16) Confederations Cup: Top-3 MVPs + Golden Boot

 17) FIFA U-20 World Cup: Top-3 MVPs + Golden Boot

 18) FIFA U-17 World Cup: Top-3 MVPs + Golden Boot

 19) FIFA Club World Championships: Top-3 MVPs

Note that a request was made of the Oceania Football Confederation for 
a list of their 3 best players - but no response was received.


In total 107 players are eligible to be voted for.

NB: clubs are not listed below, women players are shown together at the end
    of the list.

ADEBAYOR Emmanuel                       Togo
ADRIANO Ribeiro Leite                   Brazil
AGUERO Sergio                           Argentina
AL JABER Sami                           Saudi Arabia
AL MONTASHARI Hamad                     Saudi Arabia
ALEX Rodrigo Dias da Costa              Brazil
ANDERSON                                Brazil
ARAUJO Clémerson de Araújo Soares       Brazil
ARVELADZE Shota                         Georgia

BALLACK Michael                         Germany
BEASLEY DaMarcus                        United States
BECKHAM David                           England
BILOS Daniel                            Argentina
BOLAŃOS Christian                       Coast Rica
BUENO Carlos                            Uruguay
BUFFON Gianluigi                        Italy

CAFU Marcos Moraes                      Brazil
CAMBIASSO Esteban                       Argentina
CANNAVARO Fabio                         Italy
CARRAGHER Jamie                         England
CARVALHO Daniel                         Brazil
CECH Petr                               Czech Republic
CHAMAKH Marouane                        Morocco
CICINHO Cicero Joăo de Cezare           Brazil
COLE Joe                                England
COUPET Grégory                          France
CRESPO Hernan                           Argentina
CRIS                                    Brazil

DECO Anderson Luis da Sousa             Portugal
DIDA Nelson de Jesus Silva              Brazil
DOS SANTOS Giovanni                     Mexico
DROGBA Didier                           Ivory Coast
DUDEK Jerzy                             Poland

ESSIEN Michael                          Ghana
ETO'O Samuel                            Cameroon

FORLAN Diego                            Uruguay

GAGO Fernando                           Argentina
GAMARRA Carlos                          Paraguay
GARCIA Luis                             Spain
GERRARD Steven                          England
GUSTAVO Sá da NERY                      Brazil

HENRY Thierry                           France

IBRAHIMOVIC Zlatan                      Sweden

JUNINHO PERNAMBUCANO                    Brazil

KAKA Ricardo Izecson Santos             Brazil
KARIMI Ali                              Iran
KLOSE Miroslav                          Germany

LAMPARD Frank                           England
LEE Young-Pyo                           South Korea
LIEDSON                                 Brazil
LUCIO                                   Brazil
LUGANO Diego                            Uruguay

MAKAAY Roy                              Netherlands
MAKELELE Claude                         France
MALDINI Paolo                           Italy
MARCELINHO Marcelo Dos Santos           Brazil
MASCHERANO Javier                       Argentina
MESSI Lionel                            Argentina
MIKEL Jon-Obi                           Nigeria
MONTELLA Vincenzo                       Italy

NAKAMURA Shunsuke                       Japan
NAKATA Hidetoshi                        Japan
NEDVED Pavel                            Czech Republic
NEKOUNAM Javad                          Iran
NESTA Alessandro                        Italy

OKOCHA Austin                           Nigeria

PALACIO Rodrigo                         Argentina
PARK Ji-Sung                            South Korea
PIRLO Andrea                            Italy
PUYOL Carles                            Spain

RAUL González Blanco                    Spain
REINA José                              Spain
RIISE John-Arne                         Norway
RIQUELME Juan Román                     Argentina
ROBBEN Arjen                            Netherlands
ROBERTO CARLOS da Silva                 Brazil
ROBINHO Robson de Souza                 Brazil
ROGERIO CENI                            Brazil
RONALDINHO Ronaldo de Assis Moreira     Brazil
RONALDO Cristiano                       Portugal
RONALDO Nazario de Lima                 Brazil
ROONEY Wayne                            England

SAGNOL Willy                            France
SAHIN Nuri                              Turkey
SHEVCHENKO Andriy                       Ukraine
SHATSKIKH Maksim                        Uzbekistan

TAIWO Taye                              Nigeria
TEJADA Luis                             Panama
TERRY John                              England
TEVEZ Carlos                            Argentina
TONI Luca                               Italy
TREZEGUET David                         France

VAN BOMMEL Mark                         Netherlands
VAN DER VAART Rafael                    Netherlands
VAN NISTELROOY Ruud                     Netherlands
VELA Carlos                             Mexico
VIEIRA Patrick                          France

WILTORD Sylvain                         France

XAVI Xavier Hernandez Creus             Spain

ZAMBROTTA Gianluca                      Italy
ZAYED Mabrouk                           Saudi Arabia
ZIDANE Zinedine                         France

BOXX Shannon                            United States
LINGOR Renate                           Germany
LJUNGBERG Hanna                         Sweden
MARTA                                   Brazil
PRINZ Birgit                            Germany

Voting will run until the end of February 28 (as per Central European Time).

We're looking forward to receiving your votes,


Valid votes have been received from:

  1 Joh Lange
  2 Michael Hynes
  3 Miroslav Szacillo
  4 Mark Van der ven
  5 Victor Martins
  6 Frank Ballesteros
  7 Rafael Malaman de Araujo
  8 Jose de Jesus Mora Rivera
  9 Daniele Paserman
 10 Julian Diaz Rubio
 11 Peter Kronsteiner
 12 Robert Lacombe
 13 Dennis Nähring
 14 Jaroslaw Owsianski
 15 Mihai Adascalitei
 16 Brunislav Matasovic
 17 Werner Pichler
 18 Iannis Papadoplous
 19 Fabricio Sabbadini
 20 Stephen Flanagan
 21 Jose L. Couso
 22 Matthijs Boers
 23 Malik Riaz Hai Naveed
 24 Almantas Lauzadis
 25 Vitaliy Mazur
 26 Douglas McNair
 27 Flávio Nunes
 28 Marco Mannino
 29 Jesus Brignol Petry
 30 Ariel Darío Sehr
 31 Alfonso Criado Fernández
 32 Ivan Bozov
 33 Ryan Doran
 34 Raul Zambrano
 35 Peter Sokolowski
 36 Hervé Dujardin
 37 Gaurav Singh
 38 Roberto Di Maggio
 39 Paulo Martins
 40 Nuno Duarte
 41 Joăo Gameiro Pais
 42 Nadir Genihou
 43 Watson Waterstone
 44 Marcin Fastyn
 45 Simon Preston
 46 Jorge Andrés González Aburto
 47 Andrea Ferrigno
 48 Joăo Varela
 49 André do Nascimento Pereira
 50 Walter García-Fontes
 51 Jad Nawfal
 52 Stephen Davies
 53 Rodrigo Arias
 54 Marcelo Leme de Arruda
 55 Ivan Merchante
 56 Barrie Courtney
 57 Roee Lotan
 58 Andrea Camporese
 59 Paul Heath
 60 Herve Dekeyne
 61 Paulo ML Freitas
 62 Suraia Dias
 63 Bruno Dezzutti
 64 Matthias Arnhold
 65 Miguel Tel
 66 Johan Karlsson
 67 David Bedborough
 68 Rui Silva
 69 Razvan Toma
 70 Vidar Jortveit
 71 R Mehdi
 72 Marijn Akerboom
 73 Pierre Chapuis
 74 Jaume Benedito
 75 Lucas Scherer Cardoso
 76 Tim Leidecker
 77 Timóteo Seia
 78 Jose Luis Pierrend
 79 Karel Stokkermans
 80 Marcello Perra
 81 Myles Francis
 82 Guy De Dekker
 83 Grzegorz Zblewski
 84 John Scoltock
 85 Erik Francisco Lugo
 86 Todd Roman
 87 Paul Mettewie
 88 John Barbudsen
 89 Hyung-Jin Yoon
 90 Joăo Diogo Reis
 91 Dobre Claudiu-Cristian
 92 Salvatore Basso
 93 Javier Rivera
 94 Ryan Luebben
 95 Robert Suša
 96 Pawel Terlecki
 97 Thach Nguyen
 98 Henry Kurniadi
 99 Darryl Solin
100 Scotti Luigi
101 André Luiz Andrade Silva
102 Francesco Razzone
103 Anders Bjuhr
104 Fábio Marques
105 Gordon Tait
106 Eugenio Modesto
107 Oriol Braso
108 Germán Cabrejo
109 Ignacio Peńaloza
110 James Andrews
111 Alexander Mastrogiannopoulos
112 Evan Garcia
113 Andre Zlotkowski
114 Luis A. Blanco
115 Jussi Uosukainen
116 Ricardo Agusto Alonso
117 Davidson Fernandes Mota
118 Masafumi Sugano
119 Samir Mainuddin
120 David Martínez
121 Adan De Gracia
122 Joăo Nunes
123 Jirí Slavík
124 Fernando Espinoza Ańazco
125 David Lam
126 Jean Marc Fulcrand
127 Tamás Karakai
128 Martin M.
129 Miroslav Samák
130 Sergio Martin
131 Gabriele Marcotti
132 Henrik Lundgaard
133 David Fernández Caramazana
134 Expo Kwan
135 Filipe Lima Marinho
136 Manuel Anteliz
137 Daniel Gutierrez
138 Karim Moghaddam
139 Bruce Scott
140 Marcin Pierozynski
141 Pierre Ramier
142 Jackie Tellier
143 James Allnutt
144 Masanori "Komabano" Nakanishi
145 Alex Bakalas
146 David Naylor
147 Darojatun
148 Pourya Afandi
149 Soheil Fatollahpour
150 Armin Rex



The columns are:
   Name of Player
   Name of Club he is playing for (as official as possible, space limit)
   1P = First Places
   2P = Second Places
   3P = Third Places
   4P = Fourth Places
   5P = Fifth Places
   Total Number of Points

POS NAME                 CLUB                  COUNTRY      1P 2P 3P 4P 5P TOTAL
  1."Ronaldinho"         FC Barcelona          Brazil       71 14 17  9  2   482
  2.Frank Lampard        Chelsea FC            England      16 31 19  9  2   281
  3.Stephen Gerrard      Liverpool FC          England      12 12 15 14 10   191
  4.Samuel Eto'o         FC Barcelona          Cameroon      4 13 16 15  5   155
  5.Thierry Henry        Arsenal FC            France        4  7  8  7  5    91

  6.Andriy Shevchenko    Milan AC              Ukraine       1  5 10  8 10    81
  7."Adriano"            Internazionale FC     Brazil        3  5  4  3  5    58
  8."Deco"               FC Barcelona          Portugal      3  4  5  2  3    53
  9."Kaká"               Milan AC              Brazil        1  6  2  5  5    50
 10.Rogerio Ceni         Săo Paulo FC          Brazil        5  2  3  2  2    48

 11.Petr Cech            Chelsea FC            Czech Rep.    1  4  3  2  5    39
 12.Zlatan Ibrahimovic   Juventus FC           Sweden           6  1  3  4    37
 13.Cristiano Ronaldo    Manchester United FC  Portugal      3  2  2  2  3    36
 14.Lionel Messi         FC Barcelona          Argentina        4  2  4  3    33
 15.Juan Román Riquelme  Villarreal CF         Argentina        1  3  6  5    30

 16.Juninho Pernambucano Olympique Lyonnais    Brazil        1  1  1  4  9    29
    Carlos Tévez         SC Corinthians        Argentina     1  2  3  3  1    29
 18.Didier Drogba        Chelsea FC            Ivory Coast      3  1  4  3    26
    Jerzy Dudek          Liverpool FC          Poland        2  2  2     2    26
 20.Paolo Maldini        Milan AC              Italy            2  2  4  3    25

 21.Luca Toni            AC Fiorentina         Italy         1  1     5  5    24
 22.Michael Ballack      FC Bayern München     Germany             4  3  3    21
    Zinedine Zidane      Real Madrid CF        France        3        3       21
 24.John Terry           Chelsea FC            England       1        5  5    20
 25.Daniel Carvalho      CSKA Moskva           Brazil        1  1  2     4    19

    "Cicinho"            Real Madrid CF        Brazil           2  3  1       19
 27.David Beckham        Real Madrid CF        England       1  3        1    18
 28.Wayne Rooney         Manchester United FC  England       1  1  2     2    17
    Ali Karimi           FC Bayern München     Iran          2  1     1  1    17
 30.Ruud van Nistelrooij Manchester United FC  Netherlands   1  2     1  1    16

 31.Birgit Prinz         1.FFC Frankfurt       Germany          1  2  2  1    15
 32.Mark van Bommel      FC Barcelona          Netherlands   2  1             14
 33.Jamie Carragher      Liverpool FC          England       1  1        2    11
    Carles Puyol         FC Barcelona          Spain            1  2     1    11
    Arjen Robben         Chelsea FC            Netherlands      1     3  1    11

 36.Ji-Sung Park         Manchester United FC  South Korea   1  1        1    10
 37.David Trezeguet      Juventus FC           France           1  1     2     9
 38.Sergio Agüero        CA Independiente      Argentina     1     1           8
    Diego Lugano         Săo Paulo FC          Uruguay          1     2        8
    Patrick Vieira       Juventus FC           France           2              8

    "Xavi"               FC Barcelona          Spain         1        1  1     8
 42.Esteban Cambiasso    Internazionale FC     Argentina           1  2        7
    Michael Essien       Chelsea FC            Ghana         1           2     7
    Miroslav Klose       SV Werder Bremen      Germany       1        1        7
    Roy Makaay           FC Bayern München     Netherlands   1        1        7

    Javad Nekounam       Pas (Tehran)          Iran             1  1           7
 47."Alex"               PSV                   Brazil                 2  2     6
    Shannon Boxx         no club               USA              1     1        6
    "Marta"              Umeĺ IK               Brazil              1  1  1     6
    "Robinho"            Real Madrid CF        Brazil              2           6
    Luis Tejada          Envigado FC           Panama              2           6
 52.DaMarcus Beasley     PSV                   USA           1                 5
    Diego Forlán         Villarreal CF         Uruguay                2  1     5
    "Lúcio"              FC Bayern München     Brazil                 1  3     5
    Shunsuke Nakamura    Celtic FC (Glasgow)   Japan               1     2     5

    Pavel Nedved         Juventus FC           Czech Republic      1     2     5
    "Raúl"               Real Madrid CF        Spain         1                 5
    Carlos Vela          CA Guadalajara        Mexico           1        1     5
 59.Fabio Cannavaro      Juventus FC           Italy               1     1     4
    Hernán Crespo        Chelsea FC            Argentina           1     1     4

    Hanna Ljungberg      Umeĺ IK               Sweden              1     1     4
    Claude Makéléle      Chelsea FC            France                    4     4
 63.Shota Arveladze      AZ                    Georgia                1  1     3
    "Cafu"               Milan AC              Brazil              1           3
    "Marcelinho"         Hertha BSC Berlin     Brazil              1           3

    Gianluca Zambrotta   Juventus FC           Italy                  1  1     3
 67."Araújo"             Gamba Osaka           Brazil                 1        2
    Daniel Bilos         CA Boca Juniors       Argentina              1        2
    Young-Pyo Lee        Tottenham Hotspur FC  South Korea            1        2
    Austin Okocha        Bolton Wanderers FC   Nigeria                   2     2

    "Ronaldo"            Real Madrid CF        Brazil                    2     2
    Rafael van der Vaart Hamburger SV          Netherlands            1        2
 73.Grégory Coupet       Olympique Lyonnais    France                    1     1
    "Cris"               Olympique Lyonnais    Brazil                    1     1
    Sami Al-Jaber        Al-Hilal (Riyadh)     Saudi Arabia              1     1
    "Liedson"            Sporting CP           Brazil                    1     1
    Maksim Shatskikh     Dynamo Kyiv           Uzbekistan                1     1

The other 30 eligible players did not obtain any votes.

                         THIS VOTE IS COURTESY OF
                               BROUGHT TO YOU
                               Kent HEDLUNDH        
    José Luis PIERREND                               James ALLNUTT                         

Overview of previous votes 1992-2004.

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